Baby Bed Time

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However, it has been my experience that all types of learners find visual aids helpful, even f they are Just used as supplemental information to enhance the knowledge they gained through verbal communication. Visual aids, such as process flow charts, are excellent tools to effectuate meaningful and clear communication. According to Webb (2013), "Sometimes it's more effective to visualize something graphically that it is to describe it with words. That is the essence of what flowcharts do for you.

Flowcharts explain a process clearly through symbols and text" (Top 5 Reasons to use Flow Charts). Baby Bed-Time Comment on the factors that affect the process design. The three major factors that affect the process design are dependent upon the 1) the daily activities that the children engaged in, 2) the condition of their skin prior to bath-time and 3) the time their father arrives home from work. If the children have been outside playing or Interacting with others, they have been exposed to harmful germs and bacteria.

In this case, the children would need to be thoroughly washed, including their hair. Many days the children don't leave the house due to the fact of Ewing cared for by a nanny, therefore an extensive cleansing is not always necessary. However, of the children attend a play date, doctor's appointment, trip to the grocery store, etc. Then it is necessary to be thoroughly scrubbed down with She Naturals Baby Body Wash, otherwise they may Just take a bubble bath with good old Johnny's Baby Wash.

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Both my children have eczema and occasionally experience breakouts to their skin depending on what they have been exposed to. It seems to be especially bad during the winter months. On the days when their skin is irritated, showing symptoms of exams, I pay extra attention during bath time. I oatmeal and She Naturals Baby Body Wash in their bath water and I wash their skin with a gentle sponge. This factor also adds time to dressing them after their bath because I have to saturate their skin by massaging in She Naturals Baby Exams Cream.

The final are very unpredictable. He works 6 days a week and on any given night he can cone home anywhere between 7 to elm. The children usually try to stay up to see him before they "allow themselves" to fall asleep. If he arrives home at a decent time and the children are still awake, they get a chance to spend time with him after he has oaken his shower. When this happens I am able to get some homework done and he reads to the children before bed. Identify at least one metric to measure the process.

According to Collins (2013): "Quality metrics are commonly used by organizations as a way to measure the performance of internal processes ---specifically, processes which are difficult to measure. The most common type of quality metric is called a Key Performance Indicator (KIP). Kips are used to quantify and measure and/or gauge the performance of operational goals that are connected to internal processes" (How To Measure Quality Metrics). In order to quantify the process flow chart, it is important to assign quality metrics to measure each stage of the process.

These metrics allow the user to measure the effectiveness of the process and the efficiency of each step. As the purpose of this flow chart is to increase efficiency and process time, the most optimal production metric to use would be cycle time. According to Specific (2010), "Cycle time is the measurement of elapsed time. Cycle time can be measured at the individual operational level or across the entire production process" (Using Effective Metrics to Measure Production Test Flow). Each entry of the process flow chart's efficiency can be evaluated by measuring the cycle time for each step.

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