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American Drug War

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Hemp can be used for a variety of things it has been made illegal and is a hot debate topic in today's world. Countries are starting to make hemp legal again now realizing its uses. There are many upsides and downsides to this plant including all of its uses and how responsible we can be with it. This plant could help our economy grow and help people with health problems with a natural healing selection. The plant known as hemp was first brought to America in 1554 by the Spanish. In 1611 it was brought to Jamestown where it was grown alongside of tobacco as a form of fiber until we discovered what it could do to our body it then became known as a drug and doctors would prescribe it to people to help with health problems. By 1880 hemp was replaced with cotton and was then made just for its medical properties and was becoming very popular to smoke tho there are other ways to ingest this product.

The production of this plant was heavily encouraged by the government for making products such as rope sails and clothing. In some states hemp was actually used as legal tender because of the things you could do with this plant. It helped the retailing value of items to lower it takes a lot less time to grow hemp plants then it does to grow trees which helped keep up on our growing population. The uses of this plant was helping people everywhere to save money on goods made from this plant. Until the use of cotton came to.

The more we started growing hemp plants the more we started to find other uses for this plant. The healing properties of the plant was a huge breakthrough to learn how well it could help with certain disabilities. It helps with over 38 disabilities including “alcoholism, amyloidosis, anorexia, anxiety, AIDS, arthritis, ADD, autism, Bipolar disorder, breast cancer, bruxism, cachexia, cancer, crohn's disease, dementia, depression, diabetes, diarrhea, epilepsy, hepatitis, migraines, and more.

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This plant is physically impossible to O.D on average it would take a grown person to ingest 1500 pounds in 15 minutes for it to become fatal. This is a large amount showing to the type of Prescribed drugs now given to the public for their pains or disabilities. “The Amount of people arrested for this drug is about 52% of all drug charges in America. Taxpayers spend over $13,613,969,972 per year on enforcing cannabis about 54% of Americans support the legalization of this plant” and hope not only to save money in taxes every year but to make money off of this plant”(“marijuana arrest by the numbers”).

To every good thing there are some downsides to congesting cannabis. The short-term side effects of this plant include short-term memory loss, strange behavior, lowered reaction time, increased heart rate, and sexual problems. The long-term effects of this plant include the following decline in IQ, Poor school performance, affects brain performance, stunts growth and breathing problems (if smoked).

There are many different strains of cannabis to help with different healing capabilities and different types of highs. The Sativa plant will increase your energy and focus giving you the ability to do more things. On the other hand India is used more for relaxation from pain and sleepiness it slows you down and puts you in a dreamy state. Theses plants also have different looks the sativa plant has longer more thin leaves while the indica plant has more short and fat leaves. They also grow differently the sativa takes longer to grow while the indica has a shorter growing cycle the sativa needs a more warm place to grow while India can grow in colder climates.

Nixon started a war on drugs to keep foreigners out and to prevent the widespread of drugs to the American people. The growth of the drug cannabis was raging upwards and causing some problems in the USA. To put a stop to it America used the racial problems we were having at that time to scare people of this drug saying it causes sexual advances and wild parties. To stop this widespread we now have the war on drugs trying to help Americans to stop using these drugs and live a better life.

This strange plant known as hemp or cannabis has caused a lot of drama in our society. There are many upsides and downsides to this plant it has many healing capabilities and fiber possibilities. The amount we could make on this plant could help with our debt and illness in our country. It has become legal in many states and bringing jobs to us. Depending on how responsible the people can be with this plant could make our world thrive or fall.

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