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African Diageo

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As it has been said before, one of the key growth drivers for Adagio is innovation. The company, Adagio, has understood how to create new products. They take the insight they receive from the consumers and they turn them around into a product that appeals them. A good example of how they did this is the product Snap that is designed specifically for women. Since the role of African women is changing in the society, they created a product that appeals them. The women can also identify themselves with the product, as a sophisticated and independent woman.

It's a sparkling apple flavored premium drink, which in the advertisement, is served in a champagne glass. The product differentiates itself from other products that are towards women. The taste and design is also adapted to their culture. The product was new to the world, when it comes to design, the liquid product, materials and ingredients. It is something the African women desired. A major advantage they had, when innovating this product was that they had conducted market research to develop insight on modern African female consumers and the role that alcohol plays in their lives.

Their R team made Hereford a specific product that is relevant to African female consumer. With the help of R they made a innovation that maintained the customers focus. This is really important in terms of finding a strategy' for the product. However, what makes the R&D so successful is the communication they have internally. They report to local businesses directly in order to ensure alignment they have with strategy, market and consumer. Another successful innovation that Adagio created was Rut Extra. It was a "clear bee" which targets the value consumer.

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The beer was a Ghanaian beer made from Ghanaian cassava and therefore, it engaged community leaders, which in return engaged the community and it made the community wanting to buy the product. The product was placed strategically in cultural festivals, which could increase brand awareness and find the right consumers for it. To develop their product strategy Adagio has, in addition to R&D and communication, carefully used other tools for the best result, such as collaborations and cost structures. Both of these are really important.

The elaboration with regional and country teams plays an important role in centralization. By collaborating they could integrate different functions and desires that was necessary to make the product a success. Another reason why both of these products have been successful is the cost structure Adagio have. Adagio has collaborations with local farmers and suppliers, therefore allowing them to lower their cost. As a result of the cost structure they are able to have bigger quantity than their competitions, which give the consumer more value for the price.

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