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The sports apparel industry has been Nines market. Over the past years Nikkei has gain a competitor in Aids. Aids is a growing company because it changed its strategy to deal with every major sport and not Just tennis and soccer and the European market. Aids was able to get some major colleges to use their equipment. Some major colleges to change are UCLA, Notre Dame, and Tennessee to name a few. Since the change Aids has grown into a major competitor against Nikkei.

Aids has some major strengths but it also has some weaknesses. Aids has the opportunity to over take Nikkei as the elite sports Apparel Company. In the quest to find the next Michael Jordan the two companies will be battling it out. Aids has certain strengths that Nikkei and other companies do not have. One of the strengths is that it appeals to the younger generation. Aids is known for endorsing young superstars to take their company to the next level. Aids has young phenols such as Kobo Bryant, Tracy McGrath, and Michael Vicki.

These athletes are young and they bring a certain quality to Aids that enables them to stay with Nikkei. A major purchaser of sports apparel is teenagers and with the athletes that represent Aids it enables them to have a bigger chunk of the money from these consumers. The younger crowd buys a shoe or apparel that his or her favorite athlete wears and with the young superstars that Aids represent it allows them to take the next step as a company. The major player in the sports apparel market is Michael Jordan.

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Jordan has the most wanted apparel out there because many people believe that he is the greatest basketball player of all time. A sports apparel company is always trying to find the next Jordan so it spends millions and millions of dollars on summer camps and recruiting to find the next one. Jordan has turned Nikkei into one of the top businesses in the world so finding the next one can be a huge moneymaker. Many scouts believe that they found the next Jordan in a high school Junior by the name of Lebanon James.

Many scouts believe that Lebanon James can be the first pick in the draft this year as a Junior in high school. Every sports apparel company is trying to get their hands on this freak of nature. Many believe that he can get a contract for Twenty million dollars buy wearing a certain shoe. James is being pursued hard by Aids and they have the upper hand because he has a lot of good friends that are endorsed by Aids. Soot Analysis Of Aids By Expressway Contributor

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