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Admission essay for a postgraduate in fashion marketing

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As soon as I completed my undergraduate course, I realized that my future career would be in fashion, even though my education was in tourism management.

Today, looking back at a extensive experience I accumulated in the field, I feel that time has come for me to improve my educational background so that my theoretical knowledge matched my practical skills. I am confident that gaining a postgraduate education in Fashion Marketing will open my eyes to new exciting opportunities for my business.

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My path in the fashion industry began right after graduation when I went to Italy to study art history and photography. I took up a franchise in my own country, an endeavour that started out as a hobby, as a tribute to my long-term love of fashion and design, but soon it turned into my vocation. My flair for good design, a good understanding of the industry, and a passionate love for what I was doing helped me open two stores of my own within a short time. Our company holds the Franchise Havaianas Brazilians sandals in Ecuador, represented by 60 points of sale all over the country.

In the process of strenuous work directed at business growth, I realized that I also wanted to leverage my entrepreneurship skills and abilities to improve the life of our community. With this purpose in mind, I joined the ranks of the local Chamber of Commerce.

At the time, this is the job that enables me to make a difference in the life of people around me through initiating a host of projects and meeting with other businessmen in an effort to make conditions for business improve in the area. After two years of my engagement in the chamber, I can look back at a number of successful projects including training courses, seminars, and effort to improve the process of cloth imports in Ecuador.

My entrepreneurial experience, the fact that I own two companies at the age of 22, and my participation in the Chamber of Commerce gave one popular Ecuadorian magazine grounds to nominate me for the “Woman of the Year” award. Although I did not win this highly competitive award, I did enjoy giving interviews and teaching other women how to run their own business.

Now that I have ascertained that fashion business can become the cause of my life, I am eager to complement my practical experience with theoretical foundations. Since my first degree is in Tourism Management, I believe that my professional knowledge will be seriously augmented by courses specifically related to fashion and marketing in particular. Knowing how to best market fashion products to diverse target groups, I will be able to make a greater contribution to the fashion industry and grow my business at an accelerated rate.

The reason for my choice of the program was its excellent reputation in professional circles. Another important factor was the London location. Enjoying London life, I would be thrilled to study in a city where fashion is part of popular culture and the very atmosphere is saturated with new ideas.

This degree will advance my goal of representing a variety of fashion brands and starting my own brand at some point in the future. I plan to follow my educational philosophy in all courses I am about to take, pursuing two goals: share the knowledge and experience I have acquired during my work as entrepreneur and integrate practice with theory.

I know I have the potential and enough background to put to use the knowledge acquired in the fashion industry. After participating in so many fashion weeks, I know a lot of brands and their personnel, so that my solid reputation in the business world can allow me to receive propositions from other companies to represent them in Ecuador.

One thing I know about making such partnerships a success is that I have to be in love with the brand and have a strong belief in its future. Another is that I have to improve my education in the area to substantiate my experience with a solid theoretical background. To this point, I could always make my dreams come true. I am confident that enrolment in the program can help me realize my ambitious plans for the future.

Admission essay for a postgraduate in fashion marketing essay

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