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The objectives of Rinse Mate Scenario include penetrating various beauty school, shows, salon publications, researching about entering the global market and placing control groups. In my opinion, these objectives are very well written. They are written in a way that makes them look simple because of which the motivational energy required to achieve them is increased. In addition to these, the goals are very attainable and straightforward.

However, the objectives are also very vague at the same time. The objectives would have been better and more complete if the process of achieving them and the process of measuring the degree of success was provided with the goals. I would have rewritten them by keeping this in mind and including all these points, which will make my objectives more clear and comprehensive.

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The objectives in the Stallion Shaving Gel include improving their consumer’s life, donating 5 percent of the sales profits and capturing 5 percent of the market share in the first year. One thing that is not considered while producing these objectives is that the potential customers of the Shaving Gel may not be willing to change the traditional way of shaving because of which the objectives may not be as attainable as they think they will be.

For example, when bringing totally new product like this to the market which requires people to change their habitual behavior, covering the costs, let alone being able to take 5 percent for donation, will be a challenge. Other than this, the objectives are simple, relevant, time specific and measurable. I would rewrite the objectives by altering them a bit which would make them more practical and realistic. This can be done increasing the time required to achieve these goals.

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