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“Cooking Mo, Cooking Ko”- A Social Reminder “Cooking Mo, Cooking Ko” is a short film directed by Chris Martinez that was shown in the year 2011 to commemorate Nestle Philippines’ successful 100th anniversary in giving Filipinos practical products. The movie’s main purpose is to advertise the product “Maggi Magic Sarap” and at the same time give us an abounding laughter and entertainment. The story circles between the attached Capule and Montano families who had a conflict with each other because of their eatery business.

Later on, their children, Romina Montano and Julius Capule, engage in a love affair which worsens the cold connection between the two conflicting families. The couple strives hard to save their relationship, until they finally decided to abscond and marry each other giving birth to a child who became the key to solve the long existing clash the two families had. The actors that portrayed the characters in the movie like Sharmaine Buencamino, Nonie Buencamino, Isay Alvarez, Robert Sena, Eda Nolan and Dominic Roco showcased their magnificent acting prowess and delivery in their unconventional lines with humor and emotions.

Its effective plot is also admirable because it gives extensive interest to its viewers. Behind this promotion, it tackles some of our country’s great social predicaments. In the movie, competition for money greatly influences a person’s every action and way of living. Commonly, it is the reason that crashes the important relationships and friendships we have. The case of eloping couples is one of the most common problems we hear that events to unplanned families and financial problems. It also illustrates disobedience to parents which may lead to distorted futures and broken families.

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Generally, the movie tells us that arguing because of money is a waste of time. Friendships should not be destroyed because of small problems. Instead, it should become stronger by these obstacles we face. There is nothing better than to be love and feel peace when you’re with your friends, neighbors and family. For me, this movie deserves a high mark for showing a total package short film and excellent cinematography. Furthermore, I would like to give this movie a credit in putting on a wonderful story in a short length film.

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