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A King at War with Parliament

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A King at War With Parliament The English Civil War began in 1642 between King Charles I and Parliament. Wealthy nobles, known as Royalists, supported the king. Supporters of Parliament included Puritans, who were led by Oliver Cromwell. Cromwell eventually became commander-in-chief of Parliament’s army. A number of battles took place between the king’s troops and Cromwell’s army, some of which are shown on the map below. The first battle, which took place at Edgehill, did not gain ground for either side. After a series of victories, however, Cromwell and Parliament took control of London and, eventually, England.

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In 1649 Charles I was publicly beheaded, and Parliament alone ruled England. [pic] Map Activity 1. ON THE MAP, LABEL THE AREA OF ENGLAND. 2. Use a bright color to trace the borders of the area controlled by Parliament at the start of the war in 1642. 3. Use a second bright color to circle the location of the first battle of the war. 4. Use two different light colors to trace the routes of forces that arrived from outside England in support of the king and in support of Parliament. Analyzing Maps 5. REGION BASED ON THE MAP, WHO CONTROLLED A LARGER AREA OF ENGLAND AT THE START OF THE WAR IN 1642? . Location From which country did forces invade England in support of King Charles I at the battle of Nantwich in 1644? 7. Location Troops from which country joined the Parliament army to defeat King Charles I at Marston Moor? 8. Region Based on the map, which area of England did Parliament gain in their victory at Marston Moor? 9. Location Based on the map, did King Charles I or Parliament win the battle at Lostwithiel and gain control of southwest England? 10. Region Based on the map, which small portions of England remained in the control of the king and his forces in December 1645?

A King at War with Parliament essay

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