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7 Up Lifespan Development

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Professor Massey 10-22-2009 Lifep development Seven up paper In the documentary Seven Up, I had to watch Suzy grow up. Suzy seemed to have been raised with good morals and with both parents influencing her decisions in video. When she goes home her mom makes her tea, she watches TV with her mom, does homework and then sees her father. She is usually in bed by 7 p. m. She seems to be from the upper class because of the type of school she is at and how she portrays herself. She is receiving a very good education in the first video and she wanted to go to college or the university in the area.

Suzy reports that she has a boy friend that is 13 and also partakes in ballet. She wants to have two kids and wants a nanny to help raise them. Her parents are the most influential people in her life and have been helping her make better decisions. Suzy also acts a little raciest when she states that she doesn’t want to know any colored people. I think the fact that she doesn’t want to meet any colored people will hurt her in the future because everyone in the world will meet someone they don’t want to meet. People see all races and all different kinds of people without trying.

She will have to accept the fact that she will meet colored people. Suzy’s attitude at her age makes me feel like she will be in many relationships. She is only seven and has a boy friend that is thirteen. I believe that the way she was raised has an impact on that. If she was raised to find a boy and marry him and have children that’s what she will try to do. Suzy has a very outgoing personality. At the age of seven she has a boyfriend and already knows what she wants in life. She wants to raise her kids with help and at the age of 23 I still don’t know about what I want. She seems like she is older then she really is.

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I feel that she is this way because it is how her mother and father raised her to be. I believe her parents told her that she has to work for what she wants and that nothing is going to be given to her. Her self esteem seems to be really high and she was always smiling. I feel like because the way she was raised, she will be able to handle different circumstances in her life. Her sense of diversity is not very good. She does not want to meet any colored people, which is not a good thing to have in the real world because if she is to work in any business she will have to work with all different races.

Suzy’s young adult hood will be a challenging one. She will have to learn to work with new and different people that she may not want to work with. She also would have to deal with meeting a colored person which she made clear that she didn’t want to meet. I believe once she allows herself to be able to work with all these different people she will have a successful life and career. In her middle adult hood years she will be having a good career starting to settle down and being home more with her children. She will be able to retire while her husband works and take care of the house.

I believe overall her life will be a good one and she will be happy through most of it. I feel like Suzy will work in a business and end up in a high position in the business world. As I said earlier, Suzy would like to have two children after she gets married. She would like to be married around the age of 27 or 28. She would hire a nanny to help her take care of the children while her husband and she are at work. I also believe that Suzy will accomplish almost all the goals she set for herself. She had a good head on her shoulders when she was younger and I think that helped her out throughout her lifetime.

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