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Windows vs. Linux Pros and Cons

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Unix VS. Windows Security Windows: Pros: File permissions (UAC) User account controls Antivirus to assist in the stopping of malware Supports many businesses related software’s and is used worldwide Cons: Infected account File permissions are vulnerable Antivirus is constantly required as well as updated definitions databases Most viruses target the windows OS because it is the most widespread OS on the planet. Viruses can be rewritten and hide themselves from antiviruses. Web application vulnerabilities

Stability and Reliability, it has been proven that data loss has occurred mostly in windows based operating system environments rather than opposed to UNIX / LINUX based environments. Unix / Linux: Pros: Stability and Reliability are very HIGHLY rated for this OS File access permissions Linux = open source and can be altered to your liking All service daemons can be started and stopped via a terminal / bash shell scripting. Security tools are usually free and easy to download / update and maintain.

Viruses and worms are less likely to be coded / formatted for the Unix OS due to the fact it makes for a more challenging environment to hack, and it is not as widespread as windows is so why waste time attempting to hack less than 5% of the earth’s population of people when you could simply code a virus for windows which is used more. Cons: Web application vulnerabilities Can have several compatibility issues for running certain software Large Learning curve if learned at an older age Ease of use can be a pain considering everything is performed from a shell.

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