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Unix and Linux Comparison Matrix

University of Phoenix Material Unix® and Linux® Comparison Matrix Directions: Choose three different versions of the UNIX® or Linux® operating systems to compare in the following matrix.Insert the three chosen versions and fill out the columns based on the components on the left-hand side of the matrix.|Components |Red Hat Enterprise Linux |SUSE Linux |Debian GNU/Linux | |Role of shell |Uses a Bash command shell.

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This |Uses a variety of shells but the|Uses the Dash shell.

This shell | | |shell uses scripts that make use|most standard is the Bourne |executes faster than Bash and | | |of small utility programs. |Shell. An upgraded shell |contains a need for fewer | | | |commonly used is the GNU |libraries to process these | | | |Bourne-Again Shell (BASH).

This |commands and is more reliable as| | | |shell supports features of other|to applying upgrades and | | | |shells and works well with |reboots. | | | |beginners. | | |Three features and roles of each|Enhancement to PCI-e 3. 0 and USB|GNOME desktop function which |APT package management system. | |feature |3. . This allows for |gives the look and feel of SUSE |This package management system | | |manufacturers of system |Linux a better mirage of beauty |promotes high quality release of| | |development to provide new I/O |and functionality. This feature |packages as well as easy | | |devices more quickly. |uses a slab rather than menu |upgrading and automated install | | |SGI UV 1000 provides an |bars. or deletion of packages. | | |increased scalability in x86-64 |YaST Control Center. This |Debian Live is a version that | | |systems which will give |administration program handles a|can be uploaded and booted from | | |customers a performance of 1280 |variety of things such as system|removable media such as USB’s or| | |cores and 8TB memory. setup, hard disk partitioning, |disks. This system also contains| | |A new virtualization will allow |updates, network and firewall |some of the same features as | | |for a better performance by |configuration, and others in an |SUSE Linux. | | |giving the customer a better use|integrated interface.

This |NAS support allows for Debian to| | |of hardware. |allows for more power of |support many software programs | | | |manipulation and |with added support as well as | | | |personalization. |easy implementation. | | | |A Build Service.

The Build | | | | |Service will give users the | | | | |ability to develop, compile, | | | | |release, and publish their own | | | | |software for distributions | | | | |including that of major use. It | | | | |makes packaging simpler allowing| | | | |for multiple dispersing. | | |Comments on security |This distribution of Linux has a|SUSE Linux also uses a PAM |Security is handled through | | |strong security.

The current |security enhancement and |public disclosure making it a | | |security use is PAM or pluggable|requires a long process for |viable product if not updated | | |authentication modules. |login. There are many module |and commonly overseen. There is | | |Authentication is thoroughly |checks required and an |an audit team that continually | | |integrated into the operating |authentication process is |reviews an archive looking for | | |system. The access controls are |required. There is a requisite |possible threats and fixes. | |based on experience of long |feature that will halt process |There are optional security | | |duration among UNIX development |if a failure is found known. |packages available but need | | |communities. Security is well |These are great features yet |purchasing. The extra security | | |oriented in this distribution |time consuming when wanting |does greatly increase security | | |allowing easy modifications |access but all the same safe. A |performance but is not what | | |without damaging effects. strong password is still |would be expected by all that | | | |required to prevent any leaks. |rely on it. | |Comments on administration |To administer this distribution |The administrator account is the|This administration form also | | |of Linux the administrator must |root. This account has all |uses a root account. There are | | |have a strong knowledge of many |rights of found goods on Linux |several system management tools | | |utility programs. The |server without restrictions and |available via the web.

These | | |administrator must also have a |requires password strength |tools will help the | | |familiarity with per1 and python|because of power of access. Care|administrator to fulfill their | | |scripting language. There is |and consideration should be |needs and accomplishments. The | | |continuous monitoring of the |taken by the administrator as |administrator of a Debian Linux | | |system capacity and large |the environment can be very |system should also have | | |amounts of resources available. susceptible to malicious |knowledge in use of password | | | |scripts, programs, and code. |management and authentication of| | | |Administrator has much power. |programs and software. | |Comments on networking |Red Hat Network is a great form |SUSE Linux has a large |Debian Linux is a very flexible | | |of networking for this |flexibility allowing for |system when networking is | | |distribution of Linux. This |streamlined management filing |concerned.

The use of TCP/IP and| | |network ability gives the user |networks as well as support |or proxy servers as well as | | |the ability to fulfill duties |options for data tiering |private addresses is just some | | |remotely. The networking |capabilities and a platform |of the networking possibilities | | |potential with this distribution|client support. Partnering with |when accessing a network for | | |is very well developed. |windows has opened the door to |communication and application | | | |new realms as well. |needs.

The networking potential | | | | |of this distribution of Linux is| | | | |similar to all others as they | | | | |are based off of two main forms | | | | |of UNIX. The networking | | | | |abilities have good reviews and | | | |are said to work quickly and | | | | |efficiently. | |Comments on performance |Performance has increased with a|Performance is mixed due to |Many claim that Debian Linux is | | |new version available. The RHEL |individual preference. Many |the best integrated OS | | |v2. 6. 32 has more storage options|claim that the operating system |available. The programs within | | |and a new Linux kernel. There |runs too slow and is frustrating|this OS are individually | | |are more cores and 64TB memory. |when trying to fulfill commands. maintained by individual | | |Support is still a great |The claim that windows runs |programmers. The ability to | | |additive to the Linux system and|faster is a constant. Others say|change and manipulate the | | |will give this distribution an A|that it is everything expected |programs are at ones fingertips. | | |in achievement. |and more with increased |The performance is efficient and| | | |functions and durability. |well documented.

Support is not | | | | |as strong as some but has enough| | | | |strength to continue to fulfill | | | | |necessities. | |Comments on programmability |The programmability is customer |Programmability of this form of |The programmability of Debian | | |based allowing for customers to |distribution is a very well |Linux systems are at the mercy | | |modify to their needs and confer|organized. SUSE Linux has many |of the user or administrator. | |with partners to increase |options for programming allowing|The availability of libraries | | |performance. The latest software|the user availability to open |and source code are in abundant | | |upgrades will be available to |source as well as the option for|quantities. This allows for | | |customers and a 10 year support |personalized creation and |owners to personalize the OS to | | |package is offered. Customers |development of their own |their needs and likes. This | | |will also be able to have access|software. creates a great function for all| | |to a large library of open | |that use Debian Linux. | | |source code as needed decreasing| | | | |costs. | | | |Other |Overall, this distribution of |After research, I would agree |After reading and understanding | | |Linux seems to be a great form |that this form of Linux is well |the uses and abilities of each | | |of OS and system enhancement. rounded and provides an age |of these distributions, I find | | |The advantages and support as |founded version as it is one of |this version to be the best in | | |well as the security make it a |the first. Yet this distribution|all areas but security. This | | |fair choice. |doesn’t match the expectations |distribution tends to appeal to | | | |of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. |many and gives the users that | | | | |currently use it a satisfactory | | | | |grade. |

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