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Consideration of Using a Linux Operating System

Organization will face an Infrastructure upgrade which will encompass an operating system as well a workstations upgrade.Because this occurrence requires a comprehensive survey of all options of new Operating Systems as well as workstations, it is necessary to consider whether a Linux Based system is appropriate for our organizational needs at this point.Introduction The purpose of this paper is to investigate the pros and cons of using Linux in both a server and workstation environment.

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During this investigation several Linux distributions will be scrutinized.

This examination will disclose what is really accessory to convert to a true Linux environment and will also verify the feasibility of such action. All appropriate subject matter will be enclosed, Inclusive of, product reliability, total cost of ownership, training requirements, available support, as well as existing infrastructure. Each Linux distribution will be weighted based on their pros and cons to come to a final determination of which Linux distribution would best fit the needs of our organization. When all criterion have been measured there will be a final recommendation made for the final consideration of management.

Table of Contents l. The consideration of using a Linux based system In our business A. The pros and cons to using Linux In the commercial environment B. How does Linux compare to other popular alternatives C. Other issues to consider before switching II. Bunt The pros and cons of using this system A. 1. Subunit 14. 04 LETS 2. Cost 3. Training 4. Ovenware B. Comparison of this distribution with others C. Final assessment for management Ill. Cents A. The pros and cons of using this system . Cents Linux Training ‘V. Use 1. USE Linux Enterprise Server 11 V. Final comprehensive assessment for management based on research

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