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Why I must Be Careful

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As I sit and type, while I can think of a million reasons why I need to be more careful and not speed, there are two reasons that seem to stick out at the top of my head. The first reason is, I need to be more careful because I could cause harm to myself and second, and more importantly, to someone else. Causing harm to me can lead to a whole lot of heartache for my family. It would further prove that everything my Mom and Dad were telling me is no joke. They love me and want me to grow up to become a functional and successful young man in today’s society.

Causing harm to someone else could also lead to a lot of heartache for my family as well as someone else’s family. It could also lead to death. Speeding is defined as “exceeding the posted speed limit, driving too fast for conditions, or racing” and is a dangerous driving behavior. Despite progress in other areas, such as increased seat belt usage and fewer drunken driving deaths, speeding continues to be a major factor in about one-third of traffic fatalities.

Speeding is an offense that’s not only dangerous to the one committing the crime, but also to all those that are surrounding the offender. There are signs posted on the side of the road for a reason. They control the traffic flow and keep accidents to a minimum. Going over these regulated speed zones is dangerous because if there is an obstacle that suddenly appears and you’re going too fast to avoid it then that is an equation for disaster. You could damage your vehicle or worse, harm yourself or somebody else.

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To help enforce the speeding laws the police department assigns districts to the policemen and women to help catch and correct people who end up trying to break the law whether it be intentional or not. Speeding is a crime that when it is being broken is dangerous to more than one party. That may be the reason why it’s taken so seriously and is enforced at a higher degree. When driving an automobile there are more problems than just going over the speed limit. There are wide varieties of situations that you must be aware of before you get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

You must not only be cautious of yourself but also everyone who occupies the roadways. You never know what can happen. There are too many uncertainties when it comes to the mixing of different people and their vehicles. You never know what kind of obstacles you will be faced with when you enter a public roadway. To help compensate for these uncertainties one must take extreme caution. Always be aware of your surroundings at all times. You must learn to keep your head on a swivel and eyes always on the road. When driving through any type of speed zone you should be extremely precautious.

Especially in a school zone, due to children going and leaving school as well as all cars that could possibly be lined up waiting to pick up and drop off their children. When it comes to yours and others safety you must take as many precautions as necessary to keep everyone safe. If you were to ask the average American to recite the speed limits that are placed on the various types of roads such as freeways, back roads, residential streets, you would be surprised to discover how many can’t answer this seemingly simple question.

There are many factors that are often overlooked, but there are cases when drivers get caught speeding. The quickest route from point A to point B is a straight line but while driving a vehicle that is rarely an available path. So to make up for that some people, even I decide to speed. But with speeding come a lot of risks and dangers. Drivers usually speed because they are in a rush, they are not paying attention to their driving, and they do not think the laws applies to them, they do not think their driving is dangerous, or they just don’t think they will get caught speeding.

This is ugly, but it is the truth. No matter the excuse speeding is still against the law, so if you’re caught speeding, like I was, then you will be punished accordingly. In my case I was caught doing a high rate of speed. I was so far over the speed limit that it’s no longer classified as a ticket. My ticket was pushed up as a Super Speeder. A Super Speeder as a driver convicted of speeding at seventy-five miles per hour or more on a two-lane road or at eighty-five mph and above on any road of highway in the State of Georgia.

I was going eighty-three mph in a fifty mph zone. When I was summoned to court I was told that even if I paid the One Hundred ninety dollar ticket, my license would still be revoked so I need to go to court and take my punishment. When I went before the judge, I displayed my extreme remorse for what I had done as well as my Mother. She even told the judge she had taken the keys and probably won’t get them back until graduation. I cannot be more grateful for the judge giving me the task of completing an essay on “Why I should Be More Careful.”

I expressed my gratitude and remorse for my dastardly deed by typing this essay instead of having my license revoked, paying an extremely large ticket, or possibly going to jail. I would like to believe the judge showed me lenience because it was my first and last traffic violation as well as the innate good in me. This was an ordeal that could have been easily avoided by simply going the posted speed limit. I can honestly say that I have learned my lesson and hopefully anyone reading this essay will think twice before going over the speed limit.

I have seen the error of my ways. In my mind, I subconsciously down played the dangers of speeding. I was also shocked to see the amount of people who actually speed on a regular basis. People speed on a regular basis is out of impatience. Rarely does anyone have a valid reason as to why they speed, but then again not everyone gets caught, but if you are unlucky enough to get caught then you could face a plethora of consequences, so it’s best to keep yourself and other people safe by obeying the traffic laws and following the posted speed signs along the side of the road.

In conclusion, this is my essay on why I should be more careful and why speeding is irrational and why it is just better to do the posted speed limit and obey all traffic laws. Once again, I am grateful for this opportunity to show my remorse for breaking the law and I will not speed again and I will be more careful. Thank you for taking the time to read my essay.

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