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Why fashion is important

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Some, of us were born loving fashion and some just weren't. Whether you love it or hate it your personal style and fashion is very important to whom you are as a person. Why? Because it reflects you as an individual; beside when you look good, you feel good! Fashion can transform your personality I mean isn't it amazing how clothes can make a person? Have you, ever heard the phrase "you are what you wear"? YES! Yes because more than 20%of us hare this phrase on a day to day bias.

Our clothes tell us who we are in a society and tell others about our personalities, our wants, needs, talents, dispositions and destination. It has been said by Mrs. Rosie Montage, professor of social psychology that 98% of what we say does not come from our mouth. If so then clothing is a very silent but tremendously powerful communicator. It can camouflage or cover up; it can build or destroy an image, it can say "I am as good as you", "I have the same interest", "I am important", "I am not important" or even "I take myself and work too seriously!

But by judging someone based on their appearance makes them feel inferior. Why? Because you are assuming that you know them better than they know themselves; that's just deceitful as every single human sees the world through different eyes! Never the less appearance is all so essential as it is the only visible clue to individuals, individuality, which has now become a mean for us humans to evaluate others. We simply do this by assessing the outfit the person is wearing the moment they enter a room.

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Why fashion is important

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The majority, of you properly think that fashion is all about fancy clothes, long snake skin stilettos hills and gorgeous models. But to be honest it is an industry that provides a form of earning and future for more than 25% of people in our society. As we all know fashion is an enormous industry which contributes the economy y by providing employment for people like textile workers, designers, manufactures, shopkeepers and models. Bar braking into the industry is remarkably hard due to this most workers at the base of the hierarchal chart do not gain as much income over the years.

For instance we often see on TV models looking luxurious and wealthy but that's far from reality as 5% suffer from eating disorders as they try to fulfil the designer's demands and also compete for the number one spot of top model! One thing that really irritates me about our society today is the atrocious attitude that some individuals have towards the fashion industry. You do know that fashion is not all about clothes, shoes, and make up and that there is a scientific side to it; your properly wondering how?

Well new materials such as nylon, Orlon and Dacron were found by fashion designers. These materials are known used in most product processing industry all over the world! Although fashion designers got to the new materials first many argue that scientist would have properly discovered the source first if fashion did not interfere! Fashion. Well what is it? It's a sweet demon deep inside every single one of us which fills our lives with exotic colours and out of this world creation!

But why do I want you to believe its so important, because it send out a message of permutes importance to not just our peers but to other individuals we do not talk to directly; Believe it or not statistics show that being well dressed is psychologically important because confident in our appearances leads to confident in our success in life and if your that one person who doesn't care about fashion and style then your really not living to your full potentials!

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