What Makes Johnny Depp the Actor He Is?

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John Christopher Depp, better known as Johnny Depp is leading American actor known for his versatile characters in a number of Hollywood films. He was born in Kentucky, was raised in Florida where his parents separated due to a divorce when he was only 16 years of age. He strayed away from his siblings and peers into a life of drugs and alcohol at a very young age as a result dropped out of school and wanted to pursue a career in rock music. Over the next few years Johnny fronted a number of garage bands including the Kids and Iggy Pop.

Raising popularity and sense of achievement along with determination and hope for stardom inspired him to move to Los Angles along with his band. There he met and married Lori Allison who suggested that he should try his luck with acting and introduced him to Nicolas Cage. Depp made his film debut in A Nightmare on El Street and later did a popular TV serial named 21 Jump Street in which his role as an undercover cop was much appreciated. After this he did a number of teen oriented movies until his next big break came with the movie Edward Scissorhands which was directed by Tim Burton.

The flick turned to be a huge success which gave Depp the reputation of a serious, dark and idiosyncratic performer selecting future roles which surprised critics and audiences as the roles were very odd and unusal. Depp has been extremely in consistent with his relationships as he divorced Lori Allsion and was engaged to Sherilyn Fenn who was his co star in one of the films. He then had a series of love interests which include Jennifer Gray and costar Winona Ryder.

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Later he went on to date a leading British model Kate Moss and then finally leaving her to settle down with Venessa Paradis along with his two children, Lily and Jack in Paris, France. During his career Johnny has been a number of accusations which bought him into the public eye, first of which was the use and selling to drugs in 1993 and then the following year he was accused of trashing and smashing of a suite in New York. In 1999 he was arrested for beating paparazzi outside a restaurant in London.

As a child he was engaged in self harm as explained by him in an interview in 1993 where he recollected that family problems and a sense of insecurity led him to inflict wound to his body. However, there may be a lot of ups and downs in his private life on screen Depp developed himself as an incredible actor. During the 90’s he was able to deliver hit after hit on the box office but it was not until 2003 in his role as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean which bought him into the lime light once more.

His role as a pirate was much appreciated especially due to the on screen appearance in long ugly locks, gold teeth and a goatee. Earlier Depp had refused to do the role unless he got to dress his own way which enlists his as an actor who upholds the principles of creatively and the art of performance. He told that he had a strong feeling about the character which he couldn’t control so he had to diverge from the views of the director to develop a character which would be remembered for decades.

His talents with the sword in the movie and special idiosyncratic way of walking in the movie are referred to as outstanding accomplishment as a performer. Depp has played singular and distinctive types of characters and his versatility has made many directors his huge fans especially Tim Burton with whom he has worked on seven projects. He is an intriguing actor who is interested in doing different characters and trying new things without the fear of his image.

He is willing to take risks and try different things as with his film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in which he portrayed Willy Wonka which was reclusive and worrisome character which he loved to play. His latest adventure is Alice and the Wonderland which is also a directorial of Tim Burton in which Depp features as Mad Hatter another mad character who is thought to suffer from mercury poisoning. With the frizzy orange wig, frock coat over a red waistcoat, top hat, white painted face with green lenses he is almost unrecognizable in his freaky character for Alice and the Wonderland.

In an interview he claimed that he envisions the character after a thorough research and try to add a part of himself to the character which makes it so distinct. Along with his talents in acting Depp is still pursuing his first passion which was music as has done a number of solo projects and plays with the band named P. Depp and Paradis grow grapes and have a wine making facility in Saint-Topez in France. He has had three academy award nominations for Pirates of the Caribbean, Finding Neverland and Sweeney Todd.

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