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What Is the Big Bang Theory

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We all live on a beautiful universe surrounded by beautiful stars and galaxies, but how did this happen. This will lead us to the Big Bang theory, that happened billions of years ago and created this beautiful universe. According to my knowledge about Big bang is the oldest theory that took place many years ago, it was a Cosmo that contained fundamental particles of electrons, protons, and neutrons and it exploded into the space and created this beautiful universe.

Big Bang, theory was discovered by a Belgian Roman astronomer and physicist his name was Georges Lemaitre. He was studying the idea of how the universe was expanded and formed by using his formula's ideas. After his graduation, he started to study about it with the other scientist and came up with so many things by explaining each concept related to physics like light, gravity, mass to figure out how the universe was expanded.

Then, in 1933, they have accepted the theory and published it everywhere and now it is called the Big Bang Theory. It is all with the help of physics law that was applied to single details that let them figure out this (Lemaitre1, 2009). After his death until now, the scientists are still studying more about it to come up with more information, as technology has become more modern to help them know more about it. They send satellites up to the space; they have cameras that can watch the space and they build up NASA that is always 24 hours watching the universe and other galaxies. They always keep us updated with any new information about, or about any new cosmos, comets, or asteroids.

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Before the Big Bang exploded, the sky was empty and dark nothing can be seen, but then when it exploded was just hot, tiny particles mixed with light and energy. Now, it looks different, as it cooled down not like before very hot. The universe was created from singularities, there was an empty space that had yes nothing in it, a helium atom emerged from the bonding of two hydrogen atoms and continuous emerging. Bonding of atoms took place at that time, then the first star was created; eventually, from that first star different and various stars and galaxies were created. All these took 7 days to be created and now it is 13.8 billion years ago when that had happened (Williams2, 2015).

Related to the articles that I have read about Big Bang, that if the temperature wasn’t good enough for the explosion nothing would have happened, no atoms would be created. But at that time suddenly the temperature has dropped to the perfect degree that helped the Cosmo to explode and form a hydrogen. Even though if the temperature wasn’t good enough to help the cosmos explosion, it would explode but might take more years to be created, not only 7 days. As scientist are still studying about it, at that time there were no any science law that can help the scientist now to know more about it easily.

According to what is written in the article, “the details of this process depend on the amount and type of matter in the universe, with cold dark matter, warm dark matter, hot dark matter, and baryonic matter being the four suggested types” (Williams3, 2015). They mean that each matter in the universe has some percentage to make some kind of energy. When the Big Bang exploded and created a big universe into different galaxies, it is not only our galaxy. There are lots of other galaxies in the space and our galaxy is the smallest one of all that has the sun, moon and 7 planets and one of them is the earth that we live on. There are billions of stars in the space as they are very easy to be created, but when the star dies it turns into a white dwarfs or neutrons stars or a black hole.

In conclusion, this how the universe was expanded with a small hydrogen that had formed into an atom and from atom into molecules that created all the galaxies, stars, and the universe. Without the help of the physics laws scientist won’t know about it and because of that scientists have discovered the mass, gravity, light speeding, etc. they started applying formulas to it and discovering new things from those formulas.


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