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These are all common phrases publically protested by a church called the Westboro Baptist church. You would think such comments should be illegal to chant out in public considering that gay marriage is now legal in some states and also that soldiers are out fighting for us, however members of the Westboro Baptist church feel differently. Westboro Baptist church was established in 1955.

Located in Topeka, Kansas, Their goal is to “preach the Word of God to this crooked and perverse generation”. They take on such goals by publically protesting these horrendous phrases on street corners, gay festivals, and more shockingly the funerals of dead soldiers. Sounds illegal and disrespectful however according to the first amendment, which is freedom of speech, they are within the words of the law. I am personally against the actions of the Westboro Baptist church.

In my opinion it is downright disrespectful and should not be allowed. However, in a legal aspect such protesting and picketing are done carefully within the law. According to the The Respect for America’s Fallen Heroes Act, you must stand at least 500 feet away, which is exactly what they do. Shouting phrases and holding up signs that would make anyone’s jaw drop, they have no shame. Soldiers risk their lives for us each and every day so we can enjoy the freedom we have and also to make sure we are safe.

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The argument that the Westboro Baptist church members are using their right to freedom of speech is almost ironic because had it not been for the courageous acts of our soldiers, they would not be granted the ability to publically protest they do. They are taking advantage of a right that would not be in place if it weren’t for the fighting of our soldiers. They should be awarding them not protesting at their funerals. They believe god loves dead soldiers because soldiers are out fighting for and condoning many of our rights; one specific right is the ability to be married to a person of the same gender.

Secondly, God hates fags? This phrase insults Americans all over the world that have chosen to be gay. Members of the Westboro Baptist church refer to the bible for the reasons they feel sodomy – which defined by dictionary. com is the oral copulation with a member of the same sex- is filthy. However I believe that it is all about the interpretation of the bible that makes this excuse invalid. Many religious people read the bible and every religion interprets the word of God differently.

So for members of the Westboro Baptist church to publically express their interpretations and what they believe is the real meaning of what’s written In the bible is absurd and a stain on their faith. The final thing done by the Westboro Baptist church that catches the eye of many Americans is the upside down flying of the American flag. According to the members, the upside down flag is a sign of distress. They feel that the entire country is in mortal danger and the upside down flag is a symbol that represents that. The American flag has such a significant meaning here in the United States.

We cross our right arms over our chest to honor and respect this symbol of our country, so for the members of this church to hang it upside down is such a slap in the face to what it truly stands for. At this point nothing can justify the actions of the Westboro Baptist church. They are set in their ways and believe that God hates fags, God hates dead soldiers and that the nation is doomed. The only way to “save ourselves” according to the Westboro Baptist church is to repent and hope there is still time. Everything they stand for and believe in is all disrespectful to our country and what the united states in known for.

While mourning the death of a soldier, the last thing any person related to that soldier would want to see is a huge group of people basically praising their death. Also, the hatred they have toward gays should not be publically protested. On June 26th 2003 the Supreme Court ruled that they must respect sodomy. This caused an outrage and only caused more picketing and protesting. In conclusion I believe that the actions of the Westboro Baptist church should not be allowed. They should be banned and made illegal. Although in violation of the first amendment, where will the line be drawn.

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