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Unit study guide

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You will be able to enter this Exam only once. There is a 2-hour time limit for this type of Exam. Make sure to complete the exam by the end of Unit 6 on Tuesday evening. For each Item listed below, make sure you understand what the Item Is referring to, owe the textbook defines it and how it applies to business organizations.

Planning ? Chapter 5 Strategic Planning & Decision Making Strategic Planning -Strategic Goals Tactical Planning - Specific Goals & Plans Operational Planning - Specific Procedures & Processes Mission ? Organization's Basic Purpose Strategic Vision - Future Perspective SOOT Analysis Organizing - Chapter 7 Organizing for Action Organizational Chart Differentiation & Integration Dillon of Labor & Specialization Vertical Structure Authority Span of Control Delegation - Responsibility, Accountability Centralization Horizontal Structure Line Departments

Staff Departments Differentiations Functional, Divisional, Matrix, Network Centralized vs.. Decentralized Organizations Leading ? Chapter 10 Leadership Vision Leading & Managing Supervisory Leadership & Strategic Leadership 5 Sources of Power: Legitimate, Reward, Coercive, Referent, Expert 3 Traditional Approaches to Leadership Approach - Task Performance Behaviors & Group Maintenance Behaviors, ELM Theory, Autocratic Leadership, Democratic Leadership, Laissez-fairer Situational Approach - Broom Model, Fielder's Contingency Model, Task-motivated Leadership, Relationship-motivated Leadership, Hershey & Blanchard Situational Theory ( Job

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Unit study guide

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Maturity, Psychological Maturity). Charismatic Leaders * Transformational Leaders * Transactional Leaders Controlling ? Chapter 14 Managerial Control Control - a process that directs the activities of individuals toward the achievement of organizational goals Bureaucratic Control Market Control Clan Control 4 Steps of Control Systems Setting Performance Standards Measuring Performance Comparing Performance Against Standards & Determining Deviations Taking Action to Correct Problems & Reinforce Successes 6 Sigma Six Sigma is a quality management concept that has the goal of eliminating defects room a company's product or service.

It involves adjusting various aspects of and around the product or service until it is consistently what the customers want and need. The term "sigma" refers to how far a product or service is from being "perfect", free of defects (relative to customers' wants and needs). This state of "perfection" or being as free of defects as possible is believed to be achieved at Six Sigma. Internal Audits & External Audits For the Internal & External audit information, refer to your textbook definitions and make sure you understand the differences and specific purpose of each one.

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