Ulcer, Et and Soles Marketing Strategies

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To answer this question I decided to pick chocolate and biscuit industry where there are three big company stands. Although there are many companies in this sector like Kent, Sara, Am etc. I have decided to choose three company which are Ulcer, Et and Soles to evaluate their marketing strategies. According to many researches Ulcer is the market leader, TTL is the challenger and Soles is the follower on this sector. A) Attacking Strategies of Challengers

1 . High Advertising and Appliances: Ulcer and TTL are big chocolate and biscuits impasses and Ulcer take some of their power from history.

Ulcer and Turkish people are closer to each other because Ulcer is older company and there are many people that grew up with Ulcer's. To handle this situation Et use advertisements and another appliances very effectively which point out happiness". Another word Et is trying to market happiness and increase their brand awareness. They use slogans like 'Mutual et keening", 'Mutual ski paralegal arsenal", Mutual audience kulak hymen noun ODL gelid. " in their advertisements to reach consumers' heart and create relationship between happiness and Et in consumers' mind.

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At the same time Et gives role to famous people like Chem. Divan, Canada Ere#tin, M?Jade Gene, Ottoman, Yawn. For example Canada Ere#tin is one of the Et-eek?l Culture Project voluntary which is a program to contact with children and create cultural senses. Other appliances that Et used is Et Happiness Voluntaries". This group went to villages and met people there. People are experienced AD cinema by their voluntaries' efforts. Another thing that they have one is transporting 120 tones neutral snow to Merlin where there is no snow for 30 years or organizing surprise Mazda Alonso concerts.

All of these efforts are using to create and strengthen relationship between Et and Turkish people and increase It's awareness beside Ulcer.

2. Efficiency and Market Share Strategy: Ulcer have great amount of market share in chocolate and biscuit sector. To attack Ulcer Et must increase their market share and in this way they must do this kind of work effectively. Et implement Japanese "Total Productivity System". By implementing this system Et bubbled their production and improve working efficiency up to 10 times in 6 years. With working this production system brand gained 49. Million euros by investing 2. 8 million euros. Then by investing machinery and equipment, Et increased their productivity and energy savings. All of these situations caused an increase in It's market share by H and EtEtade 70 million dollars export to Balkans, Africa and America. EtEts a market leader in countries like Yemen, Libya, Bulgaria. Especially, Balkans are important for EtEto reach Europe. So it may cause a threat for UlUlcer3.

Innovation Policies: SoSoless becoming important company against UlUlcernd EtEtn especially chocolate sector.

Their aim is based on innovation. BiBicyclists a one of innovative SoSolesroduct which includes chocolate and biscuit together and has a stick shape. There are also bibicyclistake products with fruits. Company introduces BiBicyclistroducts really well with advertisements by using BiBicyclisten" Marketing By gangplanks .

1.Counteroffensive Defense:

In response to EtIt'sdvertising and voluntaries efforts, UlUlcerrganized half term circuses for over three hundred thousand children and trtrenchedheir position in people's mind from every generation.

Company made sponsorship agreement with sport clubs and reached millions of people. With using same method UlUlcerade sponsorship agreement with famous Turkish singer G¶kskeelor her cover album which reminds history to people. These are some appliances from UlUlcero strengthen relationships coming from history with consumers. UlUlcerlso increased their advertising budget. UlUlcerade advertisements for product BiBikershich includes chocolate inside of biscuit against SoSolon'siBicyclistAnd slogan of Bi BiBikerseVerses' became very popular.

Stick shape of BiBikerslso is also produced by UlUlcerIn response to EtIt'sfforts to contact with families, UlUlcersed slogan AGGammaaBacklognManumitlUlcereGetterfrom a child's sound and music.

2. Preemptive Defense:

One of the strategy used by UlUlcers globalization by establishing partnerships with foreign capitals. This situation allows UlUlcero reach different countries like Holland, France, Russia, Denmark. UlUlcerought GoGoodiehich is the biggest chocolate company in Belgium. By this way UlUlceray put down their haHollandern abroad. They are also leader in Turkey.

3. Flanking Defense:

UlUlceras a great amount of market share in Europe,ABBADnd Africa with their 10 factories. But market share in Asia is lower than other geographic segments. Because of this situation UlUlcers planning to buy a factory in China before their competitors do by investing 25 mimillionollars.

4. Contraction Defense:

Due to global crisis in 2009 UlUlceras planning to hand over some of the factories abroad. Purpose of plan was changing over to licensed production.

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