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The new runway terminal would be integrated with UK Central and HAS, deliver capacity of up to 70 million passengers per annum (map), and runway capability of up to 500,000 Alarm Transport Movements (Tams) off both runways. By moving the second runway to the new site, the Airport would have the potential for further, very long-term expansion post- 2050. One of the primary benefits of our proposal Is the extent to which capacity could be "turned up" and provided to cater for demand as it arises.

Expansion to map would be fully in line with the commitments made ender the UK Climate Change Act 2008, remove 13,001 people out of the dub night noise contour and 34,063 out of the dub night noise contour. This represents a reduction of c. 100% and c. 91 % respectively, a substantial improvement for local communities. The indicative timeshare for any new runway development would be around 2030.

At this point, the Airport would be operating at close to, or over, the point at which the marginal benefit of developing a second runway would outweigh the marginal cost of more Intensive utilization of the existing runway. Is likely to be en of the cheapest to deliver in terms of overall costs because of the relative open nature of the site and the way It ties In excellent and proposed local and national Infrastructure. Beyond that the estimated cost of the proposed expansion scheme would be E. 99 billion.

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Birmingham Airport's proposal, therefore, forms part of a network solution for the UK which would deliver Great Airports for Great Cities, Promoting connectivity at four strategic airports, whether hub or point-to-point, recognizes that transport infrastructure and international connectivity are economic enablers that provide a pathway to a virtuous cycle of growth. The new scheme would be a full-length runway to the east of the current airport site. In summary, the proposed new second runway location and terminal developments would enable Birmingham Airport to expand from the 8. map it handles today to map by 2050, subject to growth In passenger demand, with the potential to expand further In the very long-term. Recent trends are threatening the stability of the global alliances, the mainstay of consolidation. This has been driven by a shift to long-haul hubs In he Middle East, airline fragmentation and new market entrant, Dub Airport is expected to overtake London Heathers as the world's busiest airport (based on largest number of international passengers) by 2016.

The construction of additional airport infrastructure in and around London will not remove the threat to the gateway hub because the Gulf carriers, and Emirates in particular, have already established critical mass and have identified their airports in the minds of travelers as acceptable alternatives The airline Industry is likely to witness more liberation's, fragmentation and a shift sat.

The difficulty Is predicting the speed at which each of these trends will take place, and how they respond to each other. What this analysis shows Is that the Auk's reliance on a constrained Heathers as Its dominant gateway Is unsustainable. Focal airports are important, and airports such as Birmingham and Manchester may or I-J catchments around these airports can support thick network airline spoke routes from a wider range of international focal airports, and long-haul point-to-point offered by new aircraft.

We need long-haul airport assets across the country to liver the flexibility and resilience the I-J needs, both to engage with any development in the airline industry, and to better connect UK Pl. Egg's analysis found that the 100% of residents in the UK are within a maximum of 2 hour Journey time from one of four macro regions - London, Birmingham, Manchester and Scotland. Each of these regions, London excluded, has one major long-haul airport.

Using this catchments analysis, Capital Economics studied the economic activity in each region. They found that each of these macro regions has its own economic identity and requires unique international connectivity to cater for hose needs HAS, and associated rail service improvements, will fundamentally change Birmingham Airport's surface access offering, and the potential shape of the I-J air-rail network..

By 2032, 15. 1 million people will live within 1 hour of Birmingham Airport, and 45 million people - or nearly three quarters of the total UK population - will live within 2 hours of the Airport. People likely to be exposed to noise levels of dub (daytime) for traffic levels of 13. 079 million passengers per annum (map his scheme aims to create 100,000 Jobs and generate EYE. 5 billion by 2040,

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