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Treaty of Versailles and the Nazi Rise

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The Treaty of Versailles played a significant role in giving the German people a reason to elect into power the Nazi’s and their ideas on nationalism. The Treaty essentially laid blame on Germany for causing the First World War, which historian’s have come to conclude was a blatant untruth that humiliated the Germans. Germany had 13 percent of its land taken away along with 10 percent of the population, its army reduced to a maximum of 100 thousand soldiers including police and other security officials, submarines were banned from its naval fleet and massive reparations amounted to multiple billions of British pounds.

Between Germany’s forced agreement in May of 1919 and the peak of the great depression in 1930, little of the excessive reparations were ever made. It is during this time that Germans had come to realize they would be under an impossible debt for decades, leaving the general populous to put great faith in the ideas of Adolf Hitler.

His blame for the economy’s downfall rested on the “Jews” in political power for which their actions, so thoughtless of the true German supremacy, had kept Germany in economic plunder for so many years. His plan for swift economic recovery through the use of military power and authority gave hope to so many Germans who were starving for a powerful Germany, one that would not stand for French and British jurisdiction. Hitler used these ideas to assure the people that Germany would be back on its feet, and the people trusted him.

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Treaty of Versailles and the Nazi Rise

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It is said that there existed a belief within the German people that the powers of the Nazi party could be retracted if ever it was to escalate out of control, but such a belief had surpassed feasibility as soon as he been elected chancellor in 1933 and established the Third Reich. “German Economy in the 1920s,” Daniel Castillo, Dec. 2003, http://www. history. ucsb. edu/faculty/marcuse/classes/33d/projects/1920s/Econ20s. htm “Treaty of Versailles,” A&E Television Networks, accessed October 23, 2012, http://www. history. com/topics/treaty-of-versailles

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