TravelCLICK’s Internet Marketing Solutions

Last Updated: 12 May 2020
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TravelCLICK’s Internet Marketing Solutions

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            Since the birth of online marketing as well as online banking and revenue solutions, more and more businesses have relied on website design and creativity as well as ease of access for increasing sales. In the hospitality industry, the websites and online bookings of clients have been a great percentage of a hotel’s revenue. It is thus a challenge for the marketing department to better take advantage of this information. One of the many strategic moves that can be done is Prima Hotel Group’s selection of TravelClick for the recreation and extension of their hotel’s web design and online booking engine posted on Hospitality Upgrade ( In addition, Feathers Hotel and Catering Group has also selected TravelClick as their web designer along with 750 other hotel groups that rely on the agency ( Prima Hotel cites the award-winning designs that TravelClick offers to guests and clients of hotels which has attracted significant numbers of guests further increasing the industry’s revenue (

TravelClick on the other hand, tries to reason out that what they only perform is the design of a website which replicates the hotel’s excellent services and care for customers ( One would then often wonder what makes TravelClick achieve such excellent quality in their technological work. Nevertheless, it is a great challenge to all web designers for hotels to equal if not exceed the quality of TravelClick’s web designs, online booking and search engines. The article is only a glimpse of the success of TravelClick; however, it is a reliable way of getting information on what’s up and about in the online hospitality industry. Coming to think of it, the awards and praise as well as the growing number of clients of TravelClick is actually an efficient way to further promote the company via online. The article is an efficient reflection of the ever-increasing attention that hotel marketing managers give to their websites. It won’t be long; a need for more web design agencies will be imminent for the development of hospitality technology.


Hospitality Upgrade News. (2008, October 18). TravelCLICK Broadens its Internet Marketing Footprint in the United Kingdom. Retrieved October 18, 2008, from


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