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Summary of Journal “International Marketing Tool: the Internet”

Article Title: “International Marketing Tooll: The Internet” Journal Title: Industrial Management And Data Systems Date/Issue: 1998, Vol. 98 Issue 6, 253 – 261. Authors: Fred Palumbo, Paul Herbig Summarized by: Emre Avsar Major goal of this article is to provide to understanding what marketers consider when adopting marketing decisions to the Internet.

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The Internet provides to organizations least expensive and original tools for advertising, taking and placing orders and communicating with their customers worldwide.

Even if, the Internet can make marketers dreams come true, it can cause harmful consequences for firms which are not aware of the challenges that the Internet creates. Marketers should make decisions having regard to, international price, increase of competition, cultural differences, telecommunication infrastructure, credit cards use worldwide, etc. The Internet is composed of millions of networks connected on a global scale.

Those networks provide services which are communicating with one another or to find any information all over the world. The services which provided by the Internet are e-mail, mailing list, newsgroup, cybermall, etc. Companies should decide to how they use the Internet as a marketing tool. When companies deciding that, they should pay attention to international price, global branding, territory, channel conflict, international distribution, organizational structure, increase of competition, means of payment.

The Internet gives a more global view, this global availability generate several new challenges such as: Cultural aspects ( language, images, colors) , privacy, concorship, security, international law, intellectual property, global branding, international distribution, intellectual property, etc. The Internet provides many resources for all firms, particularly for small and medium sized organizations, searching for a market for their products and services globally.

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