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The effectiveness of social media advertising by means of using Facebook by Practical 2 presented to the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the subject of Advertising and Sale Promotions of the National Diploma: Marketing in the Faculty of Business at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology Lecturer: Campus: Cape Town Due date: Declaration I, Tom Brown (210000007), declare that the contents of this assignment represent my own unaided work and that the assignment has not previously been submitted for academic examination towards any qualification. Furthermore, it represents my own opinions and not necessarily those of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

The effectiveness of social media advertising by means of using Facebook

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  1. Internet usage in SA A recent study has shown 6. 8% (6,800,000 people) of South Africans have access to the internet and 4,822,820 are Facebook users. 39% of urban South Africans are using their mobile phones to access the internet. That is 20 million South Africans aged 16 and older.
  2. Social media (also known as social networking) is the share of information and resources as a result of the communication by people, made possible by different online technology tools. This can be done by means of text, online video, blogs, images, podcasts, and other multimedia communication. (Doyle, n/d )
  3. Instant messaging (social networks for Facebook) Instant messaging is a feature of Facebook that allows you to send or share information with your Facebook friends. The feature can be used at any time to communicate with other people on Facebook. There is a bar on the right bottom corner of the screen where one can choose with whom one wants to connect and communicate Facebook is a free site that makes most of its revenue by means of advertising. The site was first used as a means for Harvard students to get acquainted, but in 2006 the sit became available to everyone who wanted to join. The site has over 500 million users. )
  4. Advertising/marketing communications on Facebook Facebook has a number of advantages and disadvantages to use for your business.
  5. Some of the focus Facebook can provide is on branding, customer engagement, reputation management, new customer acquisition, client retention, to drive web traffic to your website, the viral effect, a feedback mechanism, brand repositioning. (Jody, n/d) Because Facebook makes marketing fast and easy, it means that the company should keep up with marketing trends. “It can also act as a media to leverage your brand and get more authority so users can trust you. ”
  6. Current research on Facebook Companies or everyday users can collect data from Facebook pages that they have created, through means of Facebook polls. The polls are a graphical illustration of the people who visit your page. It illustrates active page visits and users, showing their age, gender, geographic location, giving one the ability to strategically improve one's marketing mix and to identify the target audience.
  7. Generation Y In a recent study showed that the majority of the generation Y, in South Africa, prefer Facebook over other social media mediums. As a result, Google lost 50% of its market share to Facebook, due to users choosing Facebook as a search engine over Google. Mxit is still more popular than Facebook, but lack the loyalty of Facebook users. The study shows people spend five times more hours on Facebook than on Mxit. Further studies have shown that generation Y, when given a choice, will choose the Internet over magazines, cell phones overusing the Internet, and tertiary education overusing their cell phones.
  8. Hierarchy response models


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