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Tourism Botswana

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Currently, Botswana has developed It's tourism Industry Into one that caters for the luxury traveler; offering high-end safaris and lavish accommodations. However, Botswana two mall economies are coming to a fork In the road and the ability to maintain the growth that their economy is experiencing will be directly determined by which path the country ultimately chooses. The Dilemma Diamonds, in truth, are not forever and analysts predict that Botswana diamond reserve will be significantly diminished in twenty years.

With the huge profits that diamonds bring, Botswana focused its attention on the diamond industry and as result the economies lack of diversification is apparent. Botswana now needs o tackle this issue while there is still time to savor the benefits of the diamond industry and begin making the necessary preparations for Its eventual replacement. Tourism, It seems, Is the natural step for the country to take, but it does come with Its own challenges.

Countries all over the world face a salary task; the struggle to find a balance between fostering a growing economy while both protecting and stalling the environment. If Botswana chooses to expand its tourism industry, there will be included, that will be the main attraction. In short, it is progression of the economy rears the preservation of the environment. Impacted Parties Ultimately, it is the wildlife and the landscape that will pay the highest price if an influx is tourism is too steep.

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As humans move further and further into untouched land, our mark is obvious; pollution, construction, and loss of habitat will occur. Conservation efforts will be important "Because tourism has a tendency to destroy or at least endanger its own assets, the protection and conservation of its natural environment is imperative" (BID). Conservation groups in Botswana will be eager to hear what measures will be taken to protect the environment.

Tourism Botswana essay

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