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Top 10 Qualities of an Excellent Manager

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An excellent manager taps into talents and resources in order to support and bring out the best in others. An outstanding manager evokes possibility in others.


Creativity is what separates competence from excellence. Creativity is the spark that propels projects forward and that captures peoples' attention. Creativity is the ingredient that pulls the different pieces together into a cohesive whole, adding zest and appeal in the process.

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The context and structure we work within always have a set of parameters, limitations and guidelines. A stellar manager knows how to work within the structure and not let the structure impinge upon the process or the project. Know the structure intimately, so as to guide others to effectively work within the given parameters. Do this to expand beyond the boundaries.


Intuition is the capacity of knowing without the use of rational processes; it's the cornerstone of emotional intelligence. People with keen insight are often able to sense what others are feeling and thinking; consequently, they're able to respond perfectly to another through their *deeper understanding. * The stronger one's intuition, the stronger manager one will be.


A thorough knowledge base is essential. The knowledge base must be so ingrained and integrated into their being that they become *transparent, * focusing on the employee and what s/he needs to learn, versus focusing on the knowledge base. The excellent manager lives from a knowledge base, without having to draw attention to it.


A manager is committed to the success of the project and of all team members. S/he holds the vision for the collective team and moves the team closer to the end result. It's the manager's commitment that pulls the team forward during trying times.

Being Human

Employees value leaders who are human and who don't hide behind their authority. The best leaders are those who aren't afraid to be themselves. Managers who respect and connect with others on a human level inspire great loyalty.


Flexibility and versatility are valuable qualities in a manager. Beneath the flexibility and versatility is an ability to be both non-reactive and not attached to how things have to be. Versatility implies an openness ­ this openness allows the leader to quickly *change on a dime* when necessary. Flexibility and versatility are the pathways to speedy responsiveness.


A stellar manager doesn't just produce outstanding results; s/he has fun in the process! Lightness doesn't impede results but rather, helps to move the team forward. Lightness complements the seriousness of the task at hand as well as the resolve of the team, therefore contributing to strong team results and retention.


Discipline is the ability to choose and live from what one pays attention to. Discipline as self-mastery can be exhilarating! Role model the ability to live from your intention consistently and you'll role model an important leadership quality.

Big Picture, Small Actions

Excellent managers see the big picture concurrent with managing the details. Small actions lead to the big picture; the excellent manager is skillful at doing both: think big while also paying attention to the details.

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  1. Creativity
    Creativity is the main ingredient which motivates people, integrate them and create a difference in the projects.
  2. Structure
    Understanding the structure is important in order to guide work effectively within given parameters, limitations and boundaries.
  3. Intuition
    Managers need strong intuition in order to understand the co-workers, sub-ordinates and the working environment. Intuition is also helpful in decision making process.
  4. Knowledge
    Good managers should have excellent knowledge base in order to understand the workings, needs of employees, changing environment and is able to adapt to changes.
  5. Commitment
    A manager must be committed to the entire team and should have clear vision to achieve desired goals.
  6. Being Human
    Managers should be loyal and should treat all employees equally and should also respect them.
  7. Versatility
    Managers should be flexible and versatile, i.e. they should be able to adapt themselves to the changing environmental needs.
  8. Lightness
    Lightness denotes seriousness of a task and the results which are delivered at the end.
  9. Discipline/Focus
    Discipline in a manager is very important as s/he is a role model and a leader who’s footsteps will be followed by sub-ordinates.
  10. Big Picture, Small Actions
    Excellent managers should focus on goals however, at the same time not ignoring the details required to fulfill achieve those goals.
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