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The Secret Lives Sgt.. John Wilson

John Wilson was a one of a kind character.He had sort of a dual personality.One minute he was writing love letter and the next minute he was trying to get rid of her.

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He was a hard working person at times and often got into his job very deeply. He had lots of problems with his life and that was mostly the reason why he started drinking so heavily especially near the end. John first started a happy life married to Polly Wilson back home in Scotland.

He had two lovely children with her but after an incident with his brother he got very ashamed and thought that he had to move away to run from this problem. John Wilson moved to Canada to try and make some money. He told Polly that he would be back in a year or two at the max as he soon found out life could be tough living on the prairies. He then tries to start a tomato farm but the harsh prairie weather was way different from what he had known back home at Scotland. His tomato farm got ruined by a storm and he was left with nothing.

He then tries to enlist into the war but he could not be accepted because of his lung condition. He was so disappointed that he could travel back over seas that he decided to join the RNWMP because it was the closest thing at the time to the army. In August 1914 he was officially part of the Royal North West Mounted Police force. He got transferred into a small town called Blaine Lake and that is where he fell in love with a girl named Jessie Patterson. During the winter John was diagnosed with Tuberculosis.

All winter Jessie helped John with his illness and not too soon after John started to fall in love with Jessie. Back at home Polly was crying everyday over John and had made up her mind that she was going to go to Canada to see John no matter what her family thought. On April 12th 1918 Polly Wilson arrived in Canada. On April 18th she arrived in Regina. She phoned the Prince Albert police detachment and just by coincident John was there. When John picked up the phone he…

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