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The Importance of Media

Media has become almost as necessary as food and clothing in the twenty-first century. The meritorious role that a media plays in regenerating the society is undeniable. Various media are prevailing.

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Media has the duty to inform, educate and entertain human being. News channels and some newspapers are mouthpieces of some social issues, which help us to estimate the realities of lives. They also put their lives in danger during natural disasters and wars just to apprise people of the situation. Information and awareness are spread in the society partly because of the media.

The media has shaped and completed people’s lives in this century. Media’s primary task is to inform people, which is related to the form of the government. For example, in a democratic society, one should be aware of the circumstance that is going on around the world. A modern society cannot work without the media, which acts as an agent between public and state. Information as a main task of media sounds basic; however, it is not as simple as it sounds. Information is always balancing between subjectivity and objectivity. On the one hand, media has to warn about all events and keep information neutral.

On the other hand, media should also be a podium for groups and organizations that are not predominant. Lastly, media should regulate and criticize not only political parties but also society. Concerning these functions, a variety of media is essential for the correspondence of the world. The role of media in education is evident today by the numbers of computer labs, television sets and libraries that have become part of curriculum in schools. Media comes in different forms and each affects the way students interpret and learn information.

Media has brought globalization; as a result, students from different universities and countries are associated through manageable internet connection. As technology become less expensive over the last couple of decades, media has found its way into homes and businesses throughout the world for means such as gathering information, communication, distance learning, etc. Most students do not know what life was like without media because schools are preparing students for efficacious participation in a technological society. Entertainment has a forceful influence on people.

This influence of the entertainment industry has grown excessively over the past decades due to the advancement of technology. Entertainment is mostly available through the media which includes: the television, magazines, newspaper, radio, and internet. The influence of entertainment on young generation affects the way they behave, dress, and talk because the current generation depends on entertainment as a form of communication and information. People, therefore, turn to entertainment for daily activities. The media are the place where most people get the latest facts and news on remarkable concerns.

The entertainment industry has affected the upcoming generation views and expression of culture. Mass media have tremendous effects on our daily life, whether one wants it or not. The media affects people’s perspective not only through television, but also through newspaper and magazines. Consequently, information about the world and the current century come to mind from diverse destiny of media. They can even be turned to benefit by provoking the understanding and articulation of what one believes. Media is among the wonders of the twenty-first century as it interprets coordinated reports repeatedly to millions of audiences.

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