The Importance of Details in Works

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Many people can overstress details on anything and everything. As a result, if presented with the question of the importance of details, most people would probably say such details aren't worth the required effort and excessive stress. I've seen, however, that details are worth the exertion because when they fall perfectly into place, they create an eye-catching and satisfying result. My father, certainly a perfectionist, pays special attention to details, which result in beautiful works of art, on his projects.

For example, he used to paint frequently, and, as a young child, I observed him paint and re-paint details of faces and scenery. Once, he painted a meadow at least seven times over before he believed it perfect. But the result was a highly praised masterpiece. In fact, all of the pictures which he has painted have received high praises and awe-struck faces. The months of effort put into each painting have definitely been worth the amazement and the laud of friends and family.

In addition to painting, my father recently crafted a dollhouse with my younger sister, and he decorated the exterior of the house. Because of his perfectionist ways, his share of the work took months of constant weekend work. Occasionally, I stopped to observe him in his workshop as he charily placed each roof tile or dexterously painted the window frames. As friends and family visited, they were impressed with his attention to detail. Now, my sister decorates the interior in competition with his detailed design.

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Along with these works, he cultivates grape vines with tender care throughout the year. But this year he desires to do something special instead of only raising them. He asked me to help him create a movie of a year-long observation of the vines. But he also wanted more precise and specific footage, such as the scenery with no cars, houses, or other such eyesores permitted in the frame of the camera. Also, he wanted the audio absolutely perfect as well. He stated that incorporating wind chimes, church bells, and birdsong would create a perfect, calming atmosphere. We started filming merely a month ago, and I'm sure that, consistent with his attitude of attention to perfection, he will add more particulars for me to film. Nevertheless, I know he will produce another work with the perfect details all in their places and in the way he wants them to be.

In regard to crafting projects, many will stress the importance of details such as intricate designs or geometric perfection. Moreover, in any given project, if one wants everything to be perfect, they must put more effort into the details. As a result, most would not want to work on those details and say that that part of the project requires excessive labor and stress. My father, however, proved to me that details are what make projects more noticeable, even impressive, and more enjoyable to all who see them.

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