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HP Inc: Business Details, Marketing Strategies And Analysis

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Company information:

Company name     Hewlett-Packard
Founded                 01.01.1939

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Founder(s)              William Redington Hewlett and David Packard
Sector                      Computer hardware, Computer Software, IT services, IT consulting
IPO date                  Wednesday, 06.11.1957
Location                  Palo Alto, California, US

Fundamentals and financials:

Market cap                         $44.49 billion
Revenue                              $56.6 billion
Employees                           53,000

Company management: Dion J. Weisler (President, Chief Executive Officer and Director), Margaret C. Whitman (Chairman of the Board; President, Chief Executive Officer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co.)

HP Inc.

HP is one of the biggest suppliers of computer hardware, and it's hard to imagine a household or corporate environment without a PC or printer of their making. The corporation was formerly known as The Hewlett-Packard Company, but after a split that occurred in 2015, two entities emerged – HP Inc. (personal computing, printers) and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (servers, storage, networking, and other kinds of enterprise services). This separation signified an end of an era but also gave way to a new beginning.

Given the company's long track record of excellence, HP is a prime subject for business research. It has been one of the leading providers of personal computing devices, printing products, and other assorted electronics for decades; their services and products are available worldwide, and the company is currently ranked number two in the list of top PC vendors with a market share of 19.4%.

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You can read the general summary of the brand below.

Financial Data

Even though the company’s reported revenue of $48.24 billion is less than that of previous years, this kind of performance still acts as a strong indicator that the corporation is still on the right track. The company is doing a terrific job maintaining a sizable market share and can boast with a healthy annual growth dynamic.
Yearly costs and expenses are estimated to be at $44.69 billion with net earnings being at $2.5 billion. The corporation's total assets are projected to be worth $28.2 billion, and the large bulk of profits came from foreign markets, with the US providing roughly 37% of annual profits.

More on the corporation’s finances below.


The company is employing intelligent marketing strategies and its brand power to remain one of the leading electronics vendors. Corporate executives understand what their consumers want, and act with insight, innovation, and accountability; focus on next-gen tech is a strong statement.

HP also uses online marketing to its fullest extent; social media is one of the channels HP likes to use, with Facebook being given the most prominence.
More on the corporation’s world-class marketing efforts below.

Structure and Operations

The corporation employs almost 50 thousand people worldwide, manages risks at all times and always remains vigilant when it comes to potential problems.
There are two major departments in the company: personal systems (commercial and consumer PCs) and printing (Graphic, Print, InkJet and LaserJet solutions).
In order to discover how a company of this scale operates, feel free to read the following materials.


Innovation is one of the core tenets, and the company does everything in its power to stay relevant by researching and developing new tech.
HP also encourages competition; a competitive environment helps to steer efforts in the right direction.

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HP Inc: Business Details, Marketing Strategies And Analysis essay

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