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Panasonic: Business Details, Marketing Strategies And Analysis

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Company information:

Company name     Panasonic
Sector                      Electronic, Semiconductors, Home appliances

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Founded                 13.03.1918
Location                  Osaka, Japan

Fundamentals and financials (2021):

Revenue                              ¥6.7 trillion
Employees                           243,540

Company management: Shusaku Nagae (Chairman), Masayuki Matsushita (Vice Chairman)

Our Mission: Create Technologies That Move Us (source - YouTube)


Panasonic: Business Details, Marketing Strategies And Analysis essay

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Is Panasonic a good HDTV brand?

What are the best TV brands?Samsung. As it stands, Samsung's premium UHD LED TVs—now dubbed 'QLED' by Samsung—have struggled to beat out competing OLED models for several years, but overall the company's TVs are still Sony. Sony is not quite the dominant player in the US market that it once was. LG. Vizio. TCL. Hisense.

Is Panasonic leaving the camera business?

This leaves Panasonic as the only significant supporter of the Micro Four Thirds standard for still cameras -- it's used by DJI and Blackmagic Design's Micro and Pocket Cinema Cameras, and third-party lenses are still well represented -- but even Panasonic rolled out a full-frame camera line recently.

Does Panasonic make quality plasma TVs?

Panasonic's latest television, the ZT60, is the best plasma the company has ever made. It will also be the last plasma panel to come out of the company's research and development department, which means Panasonic will never make a higher-quality plasma television.

What is Panasonic market cap?

Panasonic is a leading maker of household appliances, air conditioning systems, and home entertainment electronics in the Japanese market. Regarding 2018 revenues, 32% came from the appliances

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