The Causes of Car Accidents in Saudi Arabia

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Last Updated: 05 Jan 2023
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Why do so many people die when driving in Saudi Arabia?. In 2014, the number of deaths amounted to 68,000 because of traffic accidents in Saudi Arabia and material lasses came to 13 billion riyals. The are several causes of car accidents. First, a lot of people do not respect driving instructions. Because they are talking on the phone while driving, they are lacked focus on the roads. Another one is that some people are preoccupied with eating and drinking while driving. This is dangerous because their hands are busy with the food. They have accidents. The second cause of car accidents is bad preparation.

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The government does not maintain the roads. For example, work on the road, dangerous curves, lack of safety factors. Because of lack of attention to the maintenance of road accidents increase and people are dying. The last cause is people drive quickly. people do not leave space for other cars. Resulting in a collision between cars in highways. And people cannot react quickly. People become impatient. There are three main reasons why we have accidents. Forty one people die every day due to car accidents in Saudi Arabia, because of the daily accidents on the roads. Society loses a lot of young people every year. This means their family do not yet have them in their lives anymore. Have you been in a car accident while driving?

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