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Although grammar and punctuation rules refer to language, sometimes they are more connected to mathematic algorithms. Consider the following comparison: you have exact rules of spelling, usage of tenses, their agreement – it is similar to mathematics when you need to solve equation. Haven’t you thought about that? And now imagine that there exists a special tool for free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector which functions the same way as the mathematical calculator. And while you are dreaming about how easier writing essays with this magical wand will be for students, we are happy to announce that this “language calculator” can be already used on PhDEssay.

What is Grammar Checker?

In plain English, grammar checker is an online tool which scans the texts to identify any grammatical, stylistic, contextual mistakes. It is an ideal service for both teachers and students because it improves the accuracy of text quickly and does it in exceptionally high quality. The checker enables people to revise the text in accordance with grammatical precision and meticulousness. If necessary, users can skip the underlined error when the corrected variant is not suitable within the context.

Best grammar checker for students

We understand that writing essay is a painstaking work which requires lots of time and efforts. You do research, make outline, develop main idea throughout the whole essay, structure it correctly. These tasks take hours, and when the composition seems ready with its content, you go to the next step – proofreading. Many students hate this task because it sometimes requires even more efforts and patience than the writing itself. Now there is no need to wait while someone spends days and nights correcting mistakes. With our best service, you will polish up your composition in the blink of an eye.

How grammar checker online works

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You won’t have to spend lots of energy searching all the missing commas or flipping pages of dictionary to check spelling of multiple words. Our grammar checker online free give you an opportunity to do this at breakneck speed. Computerized technology goes like clockwork while examining your text.

All you have to do is paste the essay in the box and click “start.” And here begins the magic. The tool scans your texts and compares information with already programmed rules which you have studied during English lessons at school. You wait 1-2 minutes, and the result is ready. Now your text looks like after teacher’s checking with a red pen. Luckily, there is no low mark; the program simply shows you words, sentences which should be improved. Green coloring stands for correct variants, and you can just click this option if it looks right for you. Everything is now in your hands; you can either ignore offered improvements if it doesn’t seem better for you or enhance the quality of writing.

More than grammar checking

You will be amazed how meticulously the program works. It finds missing articles, evaluates sentence structure, finds incorrect punctuation marking, spelling, and lots of other details. But it is even more than that. The program works as both grammar and plagiarism checker. If the system notices high plagiarism rate, you will be warned, and the exact percentage of copied sentences from the Internet will be shown.

The service doesn’t only find mistakes; it also provides necessary explanation which is connected with contemporary grammar rules. It is a wonderful opportunity to revise what you have learned at school. In the result, you will not just improve the quality of your essay but review grammatical materials which will be useful for everyday writing skills.

Only for teachers to read

Dear teachers, we fully understand that checking multiple essays handed in by many students require lots of your valuable time. Therefore, if you are tired of reading similar texts numerous times to put the mark, we recommend grammar checker online free for you. Imagine how much time you can save if the service examines the work in minutes; you will also find out whether the paper is authentic enough. Ask students to send their texts via email and copy-paste the documents in the box. Checking students’ papers for grammar and plagiarism has never been easier than now with our service because everything is examined in a few minutes.

Only for students to read

Dear students, you should understand that with the help of modern technologies, your text can be checked by your teacher with our service. So, why should you lose marks for mistakes which can be corrected before handing in the final paper to your teacher? Kill two birds with one stone: save teachers’ time when they spend it for correcting your mistakes and improve your academic grade.

Pluses and minuses of online grammar checker

+ The program is a real breakthrough in modern technological world.

+ Useful for students and teachers in proofreading texts.

+ Quick and accurate.

+ Never misses mistakes.

+ Improves the users’ writing skills.

+ Saves your precious time.

+ Allows users evaluate how correctly they write.

+ Check the words separately and within the context.

+ Make your essay error free.

– Good news: There are no disadvantages.

Modern-day technological advances work wonders in improving quality of essays. If nowadays such services are just beginning to spread all around the worlds,  a year or even several months after, cutting-edge computerized accuracy checkers will be perceived as something indispensable. So, try our service right now to keep up with the times.

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