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I have browsed through some of the articles under the “Politics & Society” category and the forum for the particular category as well. However, the Forums section has not been updated for the past months, so I chose to read about the Forums posted for the issue released in 2007 about Andrew Sullivan supporting Barack Obama and concentrated on understanding the text, “Goodbye to All That: Why Obama Matters” as well. Basically, Sullivan argues how the “Obama vision” could transform America into a genuine democratic country, free from all sorts of wars, and with Obama lies the bright future of America that everyone is waiting for.

I have read the 4-page article of Sullivan and to gain wider insight about the issue, I also read the “Post & Riposte” section of the Forum under “Politics & Society. ” Everyone has their own say about Obama and his race to presidency in 2008. There are hopefuls and believers of the role that Obama would play in ending the war, improving the health care system of the country, spearhead the resolution to global warming, end discrimination, etc. There are those who believe that the people should give Obama the chance, thus, give America the chance to prove the structure of politics and society in the country is upright.

On the middle ground, some people say Obama is rightful to be the president, however, politics and the survival of the economy is still the primary consideration in voting. Some people say that although Obama would make an excellent president, people should make sacrifices in order to ensure the dominance of the Democratic Party in the government. The extreme side of the people says that Obama is all talk and that voting for the first black president would not suffice to what the country really need. All the relevant issues is there. Everyone argues with substantial information and observation about the current trends of politics and America.

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Moreover, everyone is well informed about the issues and the implicit topics underlying these issues. With their in depth knowledge and their strong beliefs about all aspects of politics and society, they were able to argue intelligibly. The article, being the main head line of the Atlantic Online, is entitled “Bittersweet Obama. ” It talks about a statement made by Obama about the working-class in the state of Pennsylvania and their “bitterness” which led to their adherence with violence, one religious doctrine that governs them and their aversion to other people who does are on the same ground as they are.

Obama has spoken of several other points in his speech that attacked Clinton’s party and their failure to present the people with the assurances they granted them in the past. Basically, Obama’s vision is that of a unified America, where “everyone knows and sees everyone. ” He has delivered speeches wherein he talked about diverse groups of society, in his aims of putting forth representations of each group, in order for people to understand one another. This has caused opposing groups to wonder, where does Obama really stands?

He spoke about liberalists, conservatives, elitists, democrats, republicans, etc. He tries to stay in the middle ground by presenting the positives and negatives about each group. Apparently, Obama believes that in order to resolve discord within the political system and society, people must be able to see the issues in a 360-angle, meaning all the issues, whether unifying or opposing should be set out in order to understand where each other is coming from and converge in an resolution that is agreeable to all.

Perhaps, Obama’s viewpoint about resolving conflicts and being the bridge to revolutionize America is ideal. Obama would make a great president, judging merely on his viewpoints and beliefs. I have read some interesting points in Sullivan’s text that spoke of Obama’s speeches, and I find it really amazing for a person such as he to think about, not only politics, but also humanity.

He would make an excellent president, and I believe America needs Obama, however, I also see the other side of it with the standing of Clinton and McCain. I believe McCain is on his way to the presidential seat. For Obama to snatch the position from the Republicans, Clinton should be able to stand down and support him one hundred percent. However, by the looks of it, the promising future that I see of America with Obama is not yet imminent at the moment.

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