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Tesco Legal Structure

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Because Tesco is a big company would have a lot of legal structures to make sure that business is operating properly. One legal structure of Tesco is the ‘Corporate governance’, the people in this sector deal with shareholders; they do this to make sure Tesco is achieving the strategies that the shareholders want them to achieve. For the community the company has responsibilities to make sure that it reduces using carbon footprints this means the business doesn’t produce a huge amount of carbon dioxide.

The Legal Services deal with any business legal matter that Tesco would have to deal with. The Licensing team makes sure that every store has an alcohol licence and to make sure that it is legal. Because Tesco is a big company their size will be big so Tesco would have a lot of branches and subdivisions. The size of Tesco depends on how much revenue the business has if the business has a large amount of revenue the business size will be big.

Tesco culture is to sell goods and products to customers it is mostly groceries food drink etc. but Tesco developed and started selling clothing electronics etc. The purpose of the business is to provide good customer service to their customer and to sell goods and make profit. Tesco mission statement is to provide good customer service to customer and to make sure their customers are happy. Tesco Functional Structure Cancer Research Legal Structure Because Cancer Research is a charity orgainsation that doesn’t benefit from profit the legal structure will be different compared to orgainsation which goal is to ear profit.

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One legal structure of Cancer Research is the group to deal with costs, because this business is a non-profit so they would need to decide how to use their finance because most of their finance is donated by people which want to help, another legal a structure for cancer research is the size of the organisation, because cancer research is a big organisation they need to structure how the organisation is because the business will be broken into different sections one that deals with different jobs. Another is the charity status, by having a charity status you can be part of the charity law.

Because Cancer Research is a big non-profit company it has a big size the business involves around teamwork, Cancer research has a large size because the business has different employees that deal with fundraising and science to help defeat cancer. Cancer research culture is to find ways to fight cancer to make the world a better place and create a cure. The purpose of cancer research is to help and support anyone that has cancer and give him or her, the helping hand they need. The mission statement is to find the cure for a person who has cancer and make the future brighter for people that have cancer.

Cancer research functional structure Tesco and Cancer research organisational charts are different but also similar. The main differences with the orgainsational charts is Tesco has more departments than Cancer research, they are both big companies, however because Tesco is a profit company it will have more departments to deal with different situations. Also, Tesco has a CEO but Cancer Research doesn’t have any CEO, with a CEO they have responsibilities to make decisions that will benefit the business finance.

However Tesco doesn’t have a department that deals with drugs so Tesco doesn’t have that because none of their departments doesn’t deal with drugs. Also, Tesco doesn’t have any a research groups but Cancer Research has a lot of departments that deal with research for the company. These two business are different, one orgainsation is profit this is Tesco and the other is a non-profit organisation is Cancer Research, Tesco has expanded and sale a variety of products, however Cancer research sticks to defeating cancer so, Tesco has a variety of products to offer and Cancer Research only has one product to other to customers.

Both businesses has different mission statements, Tesco is to give good customer service to its customers and Cancer research is to help people which need a cure for cancer. However, both businesses have similarities for example both businesses are an international business; the both are located around the world. Another similarity is both of the businesses provide excellent customer service to their customers, Tesco has to have a good customer service because they sell their products to them and Cancer research is helping people which have a serious illness.

Also, both businesses have provided services or products that will benefit their customers. Both businesses will have external resources that will affect the business, because Tesco gets some of their products from other countries and Cancer research have different research teams around the world trying to find a cure.

Tesco Legal Structure essay

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