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Tesco: Organizational Management

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For this report the organization that I have chosen is Tests and I will be explaining how they use deferent types of business communication to run their organization. I will be looking at all of the functions used by Tests to get an entire observation on the business communication used and the reasons why. I will Identify advantages and disadvantages of different methods used and Investigate strategic decisions made by Tests and what Information they used.

Types of Information Example Description Purpose Sources Verbal Detects verbal Information could be a Tests Sales Assistant Interacting with a customer by trying to persuade the customer to buy one of their products and another example could be Tests staff making an announcement over the Tanana system about a lost child. Verbal communication is information that is shared between individuals by talking. It can be done in may different ways such as telephone, face to fact and meetings. The purpose for verbal communication in

Tests is they must respond quickly to any action that is needed to be sorted. The sources for Tests verbal information could be description of products or service. Written Deco's written information could be surveys and questionnaires for the customer service like What you think about fruit and vegetables? Another example is Tests displaying posters promoting their latest offers. Written communication can be interactive communication that is used in words or symbols to convey a message eke memos, emails, letters, reports, leaflets etc.

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The purpose of written information is that this will help Tests to understand how the customer feels about their services and products and also to understand where they are achieving and where they are failing. The sources for Tests written information are completed customer questionnaires, where Tests can review and make changes and adjustments to meet their customers' needs, for example customers requesting a bigger variety of fruit and vegetables.

Tesco: Organizational Management essay

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