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Technology in Healthcare: Good or Bad

Essay Topic:

lI believe that technology is both good and bad in the healthcare field.With technology constantly changing, there is no end to what we can do.Technology allows us to use computers or computerized systems to collect, process, and store pertinent data.

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It also allows up to progress to the future with the machines we use in the healthcare field. Some of the upsides are better record keeping, data analysis, and convenient documentation which can provide more prompt medical billing. Patient security and safety is a concern with all advances in technology.

After all, without the patients, what business would the healthcare field have? Technology via machines that are used are constantly progressing. These can be very good in the development of better machines to help to aide patients in better treatment and less lengthy hospital stays. There are downsides to technology in healthcare though. Let’s think for a minute. What causes errors in healthcare technology? Human error. This can be via inadequately trained, inexperienced, tired, or even cases where people don’t admit they made a mistake.

How about faulty equipment or programming? If a machine or program is not running properly then it isn’t going to give the right results. One thing for sure is that there has to be constant monitoring and troubleshooting to maintain a safe environment for both the patient, the hospital or facility, and also for the companies who make the products we use in the technological aspect of healthcare. With technology being a definite for the future, I think it’s just a wait and see thing as to whether it ends up being better or worse.

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