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SWOT of Tencent

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According to the latest financial announcement, Tenement's total revenues of the first half of 2014 limbed to roughly GAPS, 807 million (RHOMB, 146 million), and the second quarter revenues of 2014 (2Q2014) reached GOBI, 972. 5 million (RHOMB, 746 million) mainly generated by online games (56% of 2Q2014 revenues) and social network services (24% of 2Q2014 revenues) (Tenant, n. D. C). Particularly, Q instant messaging application and Weight social application were the most widely known products among its diversified income sources.

To achieve its mission 'to enhance people's quality of life through Internet services' (Tenant, n. D. B) and to remain competitiveness towards its main competitor Alabama, Tenant not only stayed rosaceous in messaging services and games, but also expanded to other areas including online security, online research, online payment and even e-commerce, the main territory of Alabama. In a long term, the company devotes itself to be the most respected Internet Company', earning respects from consumers, employees, industries as well as society (Tenant, n. . B). SOOT Grid of -rennet Strengths Weaknesses Leading position in instant messaging in China Diversified products and services with strong connections Lack of specialization in its products and services Long distance compared to Alabama in e-commerce Opportunities Threats Rosy increases in online advertising SOOT of Tent-.NET By stationary The rapid growth of Alabama SOOT Analysis of Tenant Tenant is holding a huge scale of user base in instant messaging, staying in the leading position of the market in China.

Referring to the research of research Consulting Group, mobile Q ranked first as the most popular instant messaging applications supported by mobile Internet in 2013, occupying the largest proportion of 82. 6 per cent, followed by its fellow Weight which accounted for 80. 2 per cent, and far beyond the third application Waning by over 40 per cent (research Consulting Group, Bibb). When it comes to the frequency of instant massaging usage, mobile Q still owned the top place by 45. 0 per cent, slightly higher than the second one Weight (40. Per cent) (research Consulting Group, Bibb). The statistics revealed that Tenant has conquered Chinese mobile instant messaging market through its competitive products mobile Q and Weight, and enjoyed an extremely high level of user loyalty. In terms of user quantity, Tenant stated that in the 2Q2014, the monthly active users (AMA) of Q (including mobile Q and Q used on computers) were 829 lion, a decline of 2 per cent in comparison to last quarter but an growth of 1 per cent in contrast to the same period of last year (Tenant, 2014).

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Meanwhile, 2Q2014 witnessed 11 per cent and 57 per cent increases in AMA of Weight compared to the last quarter and the same period of last year respectively (Tenant, 2014). This considerable user base has brought positive impacts on the company. For instance, during the Spring Festival of 2014 in China, Tenant managed to stir up a prevalence of sending messages with a little money among 4. 82 million Weight users (Fen Hung Eek J, 2014).

By taking advantage of the traditional custom of giving luck money in China and the large user base, the company not only exploited potential users for Weight but also promoted its payment services Tenant with ease. Therefore, depending on its massive user base, Tenant has exclusive mobile preeminence which can be converted to extraordinary competitiveness by innovations A wide range of Internet demands were covered by Tenement's products and services portfolio.

The offerings of Tenant include social networks (such as Q, Weight, Tenant microbiology), online games (such as mini casual games, massively multilayer Ames and mobile games), contents (such as News and information, music and video) and e-commerce (such as lifestyle e-commerce and online payment). Basing on the diversity of its products and services, the company has met most of the online users. Moreover, between those products and services are strong connections. Users are able to log in all the supplies of Tenant by the same Q user account and password without the annoyance of memorizing loads of accounts.

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