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Executive Summary

Keeping ecological value and commercial value is so of import to a national park that developing new land usage method is of great significance. Ferntree Gully National Park used to be a hunting land by the Bunurong ( Western Port ) and Woiworung ( Yarra Yarra ) natives for 100s of old ages. It is now a popular walking finish with many walking paths available. This study will give certain On-the-spot probe and research analysis to the current state of affairs of Ferntree Gully National Park. First, we will reexamine the long history and important alterations of this park. Then, we will give analyses and treatments on the environmental characteristics and on this footing propose a manner of land usage alteration. In this subdivision, certain statistics along with charts from our old group work will be used to back up my positions. Finally, effects of the proposed land usage alteration will be discussed and the possible advantages and disadvantages will be expected.


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With touristry going the thriving and back uping industry of many national states, national Parkss account for a great proportion in the modern travel manner. Therefore, keeping the ecological and commercial values of these Parkss is non merely of import but besides a serious job. Ferntree Gully National Park is one of the five subdivisions of Dandenong Ranges National Park. Bing the south western subdivision of Dandenong Ranges National Park, Ferntree Gully National Park is celebrated for its fitness-related walking and it is besides a popular topographic point for field daies. In order to take full advantage of this national park and keep its ecological and commercial values, researches are conducted and we besides visit this national park. Consequently, this study will discourse the current state of affairs we have learned of this site. And based on this, to assist keeping the ecological and commercial values of this park, constructing a tree-top walk in this site will be proposed as a manner of land usage alteration. The possible effects including both advantages and disadvantages of this tree-top walk will be discussed at the terminal of this study. During the analysis and treatment, certain statistics and illustrations will be used to enrich this study and back up my point of position.

Discussion and Analysis

Site research

The south-western subdivision, busying about 600 hectares being portion of the larger Dandenong Ranges National park, is known as Ferntree Gully National Park which was named after an 1860 picture of the local wood ( Ferntree Gully, Upper, 2008-11-26 ) .

Bing in the suburb country, this national park has a long and colourful history. As studied in the old group work, this site had been used as runing land and so logging country. In 1987 Sherbrooke Forest, Doongalla Reserve and Ferntree Gully National Park were combined to organize the early Dandenong Ranges National Park. Until June 1997, Olinda State Forest and the Mt Evelyn Forest are included in today 's Dandenong Ranges National Park.

Ferntree Gully National Park is an ideal finish to get away metropolis life for a field day or amble through the wood for tourers all over the universe. It is noted for its walking paths, its positions of Melbourne, its ferneries, eucalypt woods, picnic countries, birdlife, mammals and its vegetations, including 47 species of native orchids, native grasses, eucalypts and bushs such as shrub pea and austral anil ( Ferntree Gully, Upper, 2008-11-26 ) .

Site visit study


As we have studied in the old group work, this site is in the south western subdivision of the Dandenong Ranges National Park, it locates between the suburbs of Ferntree Gully and Boronia to the West, Upwey to the South, Tremont and Sassafras to the E and The Basin to the North ( Wikipedia ) . From the map shown below, traffic is convenient in this site. Approximately one hr of the 40 kilometres drive from Melbourne via Burwood Highway or Canterbury Road can take you to the site.



The GPS map below approximately shows the Landform of Ferntree Gully National Park. With the aid of GPS, geomorphology development of this site can be studied.

Harmonizing to the Department of Primary Industry 's description of comparative lift ( McDonald et Al, cited in DPI - Relative Elevation ) , the landforms of Ferntree Gully National Park are classified in two types: height from 90 to 300 metres and altitude above 300 metres. The former is defined as ‘Hill ' and the latter ‘Mountain ' .


Soil PH is an of import portion of the life environmental conditions for workss and dirt microorganisms. The ideal dirt PH ( H2O ) trial consequence is PH 6-7.5 for most sorts of workss, although many will digest PH 5.5-8.5. Different species may hold different preferred PH scopes, therefore considerations should be taken to take an appropriate life circumstance.

From Figure 3, the dirt PH is likely to be 5.5-6.0, looking to be influenced by the vent magma, and shows decrepit acidic. For the bulk workss here ( ferns ) , the most approximative dirt PH is merely 5.5-6.0. Therefore, the local workss species have already been in ideal life conditions in this reasonably acidic circumstance, although the dirt PH is non in the perfect impersonal scope.


Rain may impact the local workss and microorganisms. Moderate rainfall may contribute to the exuberant flora and comfortable bugs. The mean rainfall of this site holds steady throughout the twelvemonth harmonizing to Figure 4. Of the rainfall studied by now, the sum of rainfall in February 2011 is about ternary of the average rainfall during the last 17years. This inordinate rainfall may increase the hazards of deluging in the country. As can be seen in Figure 5, topography of the zone does hold influence on the rainfall in this country. The above figure shows a wetting agent western confronting incline and a drier eastern confronting incline. The ground seems to be that the predominating air current from the ocean blows from the West and weakens before making the E.

Another of import factor to explicate the local clime must be temperature. Figure 6 shows the maximal temperatures at this site and Figure 7 shows the minimal temperatures. Both figures show that the temperatures of November to March are higher than the other months, which matches with the features of summer seasons of the southern hemisphere.


Water is the beginning of the life. Water keeps the organisms operation and the land green. From Figure 8, two little brooks can be seen: Ferntree Gully Creek to the south/east and the feeders of Blind Creek to the West, which finally lead to the Dandenong Creek and flows into Port Phillip Bay ( Victorian Water Resources Interactive Map ) . It is a job that no major H2O organic structure is within this site.



The coverage of land flora has certain effects on the ambiance and clime in this country. Plant photosynthesis can devour C dioxide and supply O therefore purifies air and weakens the nursery consequence. Harmonizing to the old group work, the species of flora within this site portion a broad scope. In Figure 9, flora of this site can be divided into their native flora group. In Figure 10, it is specified harmonizing to the categorization made by the Department of Sustainability and Environment. The similarity of both figures shows that the flora within this site is separated into many communities and owes a broad scope.


Another biological feature of an eco-system is fauna which forms the cardinal portion of the nutrient concatenation. The superior flora conditions help to back up a assortment of mammals and supply shelters for them.

Effectss of constructing a Tree-Top Walk in this site

Harmonizing to the probe and analysis of this site, the park is an ideal topographic point for sightseeing and touristry. With the rapid development of Australian touristry, it is necessary to keep the ecological and commercial values of this park in the long term.

fifty Tree-Top Walk

The Tree-Top Walk was the lone Australian attractive force to win an award and was chosen from more than 75 entries from 38 states ( TOURISM WESTERN AUSTRALIA ) . Since it foremost put into usage, it attracts 1000s of repetition clients. Harmonizing to a sample study of 385 on Tree-Top Walk in the south West of Western Australia ( Hughes, M. & A ; Morrison-Saunders, A. , 2002 ) , consequences showed that ‘the bulk of repetition visitants to the Tree-Top Walk were female and had returned to demo the site to friends and/or relations who were first clip visitants. First clip visitants were impressed by both the Tree-Top Walk construction itself and the natural forest milieus ' . Figure 12 shows a exposure of the Tree-Top Walk.

cubic decimeter Effectss


Tree-Top Walk helps to keep the ecological and commercial values of Ferntree Gully National Park. Tree-Top Walk itself non merely provides a convenient and perfect position of the eco-beauty, but besides it is a giant of modern architecture. Looking down from the high paseo, tourers can good bask the rain forest below and take a breath fresh air at the same clip without destructing the ecosystem. Repeated clients besides bring high benefits for the park. Given below are illustrations of Tree-Top Walk in different attractive forces.

‘The HSBC Tree-Top Walk,a freestanding suspension p, connects the two highest points of MacRitchie and offers an first-class vantage point for the diverse community of workss and animate beings that live in the forest canopy. ' ( TA_Singapore_Guide,2010 )

‘The walk commences at the visitant Centre, which subtly introduces you to the rain forest, falling gently to the entry construction and onto the steel trussed tree walk. ' ( Otway Fly Tree-Top Walk )


Thingss ever have two sides, no exclusion for Tree-Top Walk. This immense building giant is time-consuming and money-consuming. The park will likely be closed during the building for a long clip and the immense sum of money will be another job. Besides, security steps for possible dangers are to be considered. A survey concentrating on whether the Tree-Top Walk delivered benefits associated with traditional ecotourism shows no optimistic ( HUGHES M. , MORRISON-SAUNDERS A. , 2003 ) .


Constructing a Tree-Top Walk is likely to be an anticipating land usage alteration for Ferntree Gully National Park. Harmonizing to researches and surveies above, it does supply a manner to keep the ecological and commercial values of this site. Although it may confront certain hazards, the possible net incomes accompanied may be immense. Detailed programs and plans should be developed if this undertaking is to be carried out.

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