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SWOT Analysis of the Vegas Tourism Industry and Marketing

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Other phrases such as "Your Vegas is showing" are in the works. Vegas also has an enormous bank of existing visitors- over 38.

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SWOT Analysis of the Vegas Tourism Industry and Marketing

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. These visitors produce a city wide average occupancy of about 90%, the largest in the country.

Lass Vegas is one of the most well know tourism destinations in the world and its presence in the global tourism industry is only rowing. The Lass Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LAVA) is developing plans to market more aggressively to an international demographic. For example, the LAVA will exhibit at this year's World Travel Market, November 12-15, 2007 in London. The World Travel Market is one of the world's largest international travel industry trade shows, and it attracts approximately 50,000 travel professionals.

The United Kingdom is Lass Vegas' top overseas market. More and more money is being spent in Vegas and by the LAVA; money attracts people to live there and Jobs are generated. Activities such as gambling and prostitution, which would elsewhere be illegal, are legal in parts of Nevada and therefore create a competitive advantage over other states. WEAKNESSES One of Lass Vega's largest weaknesses is it has failed to capture other demographics such as family tourism and those concerned with the environment. Environmentally, Vegas is not in the best shape.

Vegas has a demand for water that far exceeds its supply- an average of 300 gallons per day per person. Without the water from the Colorado River, Lass Vegas would not be able to sustain even a fraction of the population and tourists they do today. In addition, Vegas has an insatiable need for electricity. Lass Vegas is also an isolated location, meaning nothing else around the city attracts guest to stay there. More of the transient occupancy taxes, or room taxes, are going to Clark County instead of the Lass Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

The rapid growth of Lass Vegas and its tourists have created traffic congestion on SOOT Analysis of the Vegas Tourism Industry and Marketing By aesthetically amount goes to meet the needs of tourists and a marketing campaign. With the success of its famous phrase "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" the LAVA has increased spending and efforts to thwart imitators of its trademark slogan

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