Proposal for Lake Las Vegas Boardwalk Resort Development

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Project Final Lake Las Vegas Boardwalk Resort Tourism You are a member of a firm that specializes in the development of world-class resort hotels around various parts of the world. A client has hired your firm to create a report and recommendations for a new resort somewhere in the United States. Course Project Lake Las Vegas Boardwalk Resort Development planning A boardwalk signifies relaxation and ente rtainment. What better place to build a fabulous boardwalk entertainment village than in the tourist capital of America beautiful Las Vegas, NV, to be more specific, Lake Las Vegas.

This is a lush lakeside retreat located only 15 minutes east of the famous "Las Vegas Strip. " It is surrounded by natural red rocks and borders the Lake Mead Recreational Park. Several other hotels have already graced this manmade lake along with two award winning golf courses, and gourmet restaurants and exquisite shopping. Currently, there are two lakeside parcels remaining with great frontage and access to the shops and golf as well as many aquatic activities including sailing, fishing, canoeing, and small boating. Development of the structure would be made through a partnership with Lake Las

Vegas LTD, the chief land owner within this region. We feel that with a strategic partnership with the land owner, in the form of a land lease, our overall build-out costs would be drastically reduced and would yield pleasant tax incentives for this form of business structuring. We aim to build a traditional boardwalk style entertainment center complete with amusement hub and retail shops to add to the atmosphere. We also are planning on building a freestanding roller coaster, Ferris wheel, and Merry-Go-Round to add in to the boardwalk theme.

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An artist rendering of our anticipated plans would look something like this. There were nearly 40 Million visitors to Las Vegas in 2012, bringing a total of $9. 5 Billion in gaming revenue to Clark County. These figures are poised to increase steadily through 2020 and this doesn't even take into consideration the added revenues from hotels, restaurants, and retail shops. We can bring a little slice of a vacation retreat and truly make this a desert oasis. Environmental impact The Greater Las Vegas Valley is located in southern corner of Nevada.

It lies bounded on the west by several mountain ranges and drains a 1,564-square-mile watershed southeastward through Las Vegas Wash into Lake Mead. Lake Mead, was created hen in the 1930's the Hoover Dam, was built in a section of the Colorado River creating what is now the largest reservoir in the US. This reservoir receives water runoff from the Rocky Mountains throughout Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah. Lake Las Vegas is currently another manmade offshoot of Lake Mead and developed for the purpose of becoming a master planned community.

The water used is diverted through piping upwards throughout the community for reasons such as usage in homes and business for drinking water as well as the reclaimed water is then used for landscaping golf courses as well as watering the additional plants and shrubbery n the region. As for the wildlife in the region, it has all been preserved as natural for the area. There is also an assortment of water fowl, which can be seen flying about the area due to the lush creation ot this oasis. Complete intrastructure nas already been developed and is awaiting further investment potential.

The addition of our boardwalk entertainment complex would be a welcome fit to this existing lakeside resort town. Sociological impact Since its inception as a gambler's paradise, close to the Mecca of Los Angeles, CA back in the mid 1940's, Las Vegas has developed into more of a normal metropolis with a liberal attitude. The gambling, alcohol and partying has grown Las Vegas into a town with two sides; one with the entertainment "anything goes" attitude and the other where suburbia can flourish with schools, hospitals and regular employment.

The Las Vegas Metro area now encompasses a population of nearly 2 million, and is still growing. IT has its economic downturns as the rest of the country also does, yet it seems to bounce back as much of the revenue coming through this area is transient from elsewhere. Las Vegas as of recently has developed into more of a family friendly location complete with Amusement theme parks, water parks and utdoor activities for children. It is this atmosphere we are tapping into, with our devotion to amusement and excitement with a boardwalk relaxing atmosphere.

Economic feasibility and Market With the aforementioned nearly 40 million tourists last year bringing with them their 9. 5 Billion in gambling revenue, along with other spending capital it is only logical to use this location as a prime target location for our boardwalk concept. The tourism industry has recovered pleasantly from the most recent recession and Las Vegas has shot back into action with three additional planned themed resort casinos being built n or near the Las Vegas Strip within the next 5 years.

The competition is booming and with it comes a necessity for action. The future expansion planning within the Las Vegas Area calls for additional development of highway roads, as well as further expansion of the current monorail system within the strip-downtown gambling corridor leaving more expansion available to the surrounding areas. Our Lakeside resort is begging for attention and we aim to Jump in first with our themed attraction. Management and maintenance Our boardwalk hotel is patterned after the popular Kemah Boardwalk Inn, located in Galveston TX.

This regional attraction has been in operation since 1997 and is only growing in popularity with both Texas residents as well as visitors to the Galveston Bay. By comparison, the Kemah location has only 52 rooms and is more dependent upon seasonal tourist business, whereas our Lake Las Vegas location will be twice the size with over 115 rooms and the ability to remain busy with both tourists and locals alike all around the year. It is with this main difference as well as the addition ofa fully operational casino floor which will allow our operation to flourish and become prottable within the first 6-8 years.

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