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Stakeholders of Carrefour in Oman

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Stakeholders Carrefour Group Employees as stakeholders: Carrefour is planning to become distinction from others in terms of human resources management and social responsibility in all the countries where it operates. Attracting, training, supporting and retaining loyalty while remaining open to people from a diverse range of backgrounds. The group do its best to ensure that all employees fulfill their potential and perform to the best of their abilities. Carrefour recruits 90% of its employees in its store catchment areas.

Carrefour recruitment policy is based on equal opportunity, and the Group gives those from all backgrounds a chance to succeed, with or without qualifications. When people start working with Carrefour, they are choosing a responsible company that incorporates its sustainability policy into all of its business lines. Therefore, Carrefour is accepting its employees to perform at their best, be creative, respect the company code of ethics, serve customers in the best way and respect the regulations and policies.

Moreover, Carrefour aims to boost workplace well-being by constantly communicating with employees and their representatives in compliance with Group values, this policy makes a major contribution to increasing motivation and collective and individual performance. Carrefour group also gives its employees the chance to express their opinions regarding their jobs and their life within the company. The results are then handed out to employees and their representatives, allowing for the identification of areas for improvement and the implementation of action plans. Carrefour ensures that employees benefit from appropriate social protection.

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When employees face any problems in terms of coverage, Carrefour provides for additional welfare, health and retirement coverage, either to cover what’s missing in local systems or complement them. Carrefour helps its employees to arrange schedules, enabling them to better balance their professional and personal lives. Carrefour is committed to provide part time jobs for young Omanis, in order to mate the needs of its customers, perform its business activities and gives its employees the chance to finish their own daily needs. The group is committed also to ensure the safety of its employees and customers at all. As one its mployees stated the group adopted French and Oman safety standards. Furthermore, is to reduce workplace accidents through prevention training and awareness campaigns. The Group ensures that its teams understand health and safety regulations, offers training, enforces procedures and performs regular on-site audits. On the other hand, employees also expect from Carrefour to perform and respect their efforts and works. Employees want the group to pay them the best compensation, which refers to all forms of pay and rewards received by employees for the performance in their jobs including all forms of cash, benefits, services, and perks.

Also, employees want from Carrefour training and development programs to improve their skills and abilities, gain more working experiences and give them promotions. Moreover, employees in Carrefour expect from the group their jobs and to appreciate their inputs for the group and how they contributes to the group business activities. Employees how are working as cashier want from the management break time after working in rush hours. Also, employees expect from Carrefour to define clear goals and objectives for them to make their jobs easier, so they can finish what is require from them within a time.

Some employees want freedom and responsibilities over their work, which actually make them more productive. Employees also want from Carrefour guidance and feedback to acknowledge them their performances. Customers as stakeholders: Without customers a business would not exist. One of the major objectives of Carrefour is to win and maintain customers by developing and providing products and services which offer value in terms of price that customers pay. Carrefour is not only interested in its customers money only, Carrefour wants that people have wonderful time spent by shopping in Carrefour.

Moreover, Carrefour offers and meets almost all customers' needs by offering different types of products. Carrefour provides assortment of products in order to save customers time and effort in searching. The group ensures safety and environmental place for families while there are in Carrefour. Carrefour is committed to provide its customers with quality and low price products. Carrefour built and maintains relationships with long-term customers to maintain profit and image in the market. On the other hand, customers expect from Carrefour to provide the best products services.

Employees in customers prospective should be knowledgeable and available staff, while a customer is making the buying decisions, they want knowledgeable assistance and available when they want it. Some customers value on accurate information and want to be served by employees who know the product. Also, customers expect from Carrefour employees to give them more information about different products in the same categories. Customers not only want sales people to knowledgeable and available, they want them to be friendly and courteous with them. Customers expect from Carrefour employees to value them not the sales they make.

Customers want convenience and easier shopping by well organizing the merchandise, attractive displayed and easy to find. Customers want a fast finish and they want to complete buying process and be on their way as quickly as possible. Suppliers as stakeholders: Suppliers are the most important partners for Carrefour in doing their business activities every day. Carrefour has different in its chain of production. Carrefour has a number of core values that are central to everything it does with its suppliers. Carrefour expects from its suppliers to supply products and supplies in time and organized it in the right places.

Moreover, Carrefour expect from suppliers to keep supplying it on timely and orderly bases. Carrefour expect from its suppliers never be late in supplying necessary goods in time. Also, Carrefour operates a network between its suppliers, in order to share data and information to make supply chain management very easy. Integrity, decency and fairness during the contract period, and after contract award. Carrefour expect from suppliers continuous improvement, sharing benefits, market improvements and innovations. Furthermore, receptive to requests for information and responsive to general enquiries.

High quality, value for money products or services backed by efficient manufacturing and distribution systems. Demonstrably sound financial standing and strong business performance. On the other hand, suppliers want from Carrefour to pay its payment to them in time. They also expect from Carrefour repeat orders and respect them and their proficiently in doing their jobs. They also expect from Carrefour to share financial information. Some of suppliers want from Carrefour to allow them to show and represent their own brand in Carrefour. Moreover, they want from Carrefour to give the freedom in providing whatever they want in Carrefour shops.

Government and local community as stakeholders: Since Carrefour is a foreign group Omani government expects from it to develops the well fare of the society. Also, to respect the roles and regulations of Oman. to ensure that corporations take into account the interests of a wide range of constituencies, as well as of the communities within which they operate Moreover, the government wants from Carrefour to pay its taxes in time. The government state over the fate of a company and its investors. The government determines who benefits from corporate actions. Also, the government asks the group to operate in environmental condition.

Helps to assure that Carrefour operate for the benefit of society as a whole. Society provides a licence to operate in return for benefits to the community as a whole and a respect for ethical values, people and the environment but can. AL-Fair Employees as stakeholders: Employees who provide the human resources that power the engines of marketing and productivity. Without human resources the business is unlikely to function even if there are shareholders and potential customers waiting to buy from AL-fair. Al-fair value its employees and it believes they one of the most important resources.

AL-Fair Management policies are focusing in employees how much they are needed by the company, recognizing, rewarding and investing in them. Welfare of their employees is very important to the company as company employees stated. Company wants its employees to be pride in being a part of that AL-Fair. Al-Fair management believes engagement valuable to make employees feels their work makes something that really matters to company. Company helps its employees to have an open and clear view about how they would do in their jobs. Building people is a line responsibility of the management has to accept that expending energy is part of their job.

Customers as stakeholders: Customers provide revenue in return for the benefits that ownership of the product or service brings. AL-Fair offers products and varieties of them to meet all people needs. In AL-Fair customers finds more fresh foods. In AL-Fair company try to earn customers trust by understanding them. Customers buy therefore they expect recommendations to be received from employees. Customers want from AL-Fair employees to know as much as possible about the products and services they provide. Prices varies from low to high prices to meet all customers requirement.

Customers expect relationship between them and employees. Suppliers as stakeholders: AL-Fair wants from suppliers to present their products and goods in Al-Fair. Timely product and service delivery. AL-Fair wants from its supplier to be Receptive to requests for information and responsive to general enquiries. High quality, value for money products or services backed by efficient manufacturing and distribution systems. Demonstrably sound financial standing and strong business performance. AL-Fair expect from its suppliers to be enable and remain efficient in dealing with the company.

Moreover, is expected from suppliers to be quick and effective saving in serving business time. Government and local community as stakeholders: AL-Fair realizes that success of its business in directly tied to the sustainability of the community in which they operate and business sustainability, managers are seizing this value. The company has found mutual value in its business and social awareness has been a major source of increasing its loyalty. Therefore, building strong two-way stakeholder relationships is important component to long-term business sustainability.

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