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Should young people work

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You will respect that person enough to finish your business with them, not argue, and not say disrespectful comments to them at all. With respect acquired as a personal attribute, the person will then have the self control to also put thought into what their parents have to tell them. This will allow them to listen to their parents and respect whatever their parents tell and ask them to do. Without always assuming the worst. This shows just how important it really is for a young person to acquire respect. Another reason why young people should be allowed to work is to gain their own personal money.

When they work they can be more self dependent without always avian to ask and rely on their parents for everything they need.

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This will help them to save for things they need and want such as a car. This will allow the young person to go out with their parents and pick a car with a reasonable budget. This money they gain can also be used to save up for college. Some young people want to go to college but can’t. This is sometimes do to not having enough money and not wanting to owe back a hefty amount of student loans. This will allow them to help pay for college with the money they earn from working.

This will also allow the young person to go out and have fun with their friends using the money that they have worked hard for. It is also a way for parents to save money. This will also stop a large amount of kids from resorting to illegal ways of trying to gain money. This will show them it pays off to work hard and make an honest way of living. Another point on why young people should work is to gain responsibility. This job will show the young person that they are the only one that can determine what occurs in their life.

They will learn it is their responsibility to wake up on time or work, know what days they have to work, and make sure they go to work. This is just a way of showing that is all on the young person to maintain their life. If they do not go to work they will lose their job. It is just a way of showing no one can do your daily responsibilities for you. This is just a few examples of why young kids should work. It is also a good way of keeping the young person productive and not just out running around town. It takes away free time the young person could be making trouble.

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