Shiela Hilton Marketing Plan

Last Updated: 10 May 2020
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It was established by a man named Petite Remnant, a man from Canaan De ROR together with his wife, Sheila. Having an initial investment of P 2. Million, as well as the willingness to venture into a business that is very close to their hearts, Sheila Hilton was born. Hilton - in the province parlance does not mean the name of a famous hotel. It is a small eatery "Hill - Hill Eng Carton" which means "Pulled by the Cart".

The place is Compacted with people craving to be served with one of the best and tasty Lugar(rice porridge), got(with beef tripe),and razor cold(with chicken) topped with brown garlic and green onion. Hilton eatery is the favorite of the tricycle drivers, of teens hungry after school, of drinkers who want to ease the effects of alcohol before coming home, and of all people who lives to stroll at night and have a midnight snack. There's no denying that Sheila Hilton - Eatery can be considered a part of the city history in some Subcutaneous life.

A visit to the city will not be complete without the taste of what Hilton could offer. Sheila Hilton Marketing Plan By Chevron NOTE: As proposed by the researchers and is made in accordance with the facts and values obtained from the interview with the owners: MISSION: To provide a wholesome dining experience and continued customer satisfaction by maintaining value driven and positive attitude and to be the dining and entertainment venue of choice. The owners believe that the satisfaction of customer needs and wants more than anything else is the most important.

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They value customer satisfaction that's why they are striving to meet all those every single day of their operations. VISION: To maintain a profitable operation that will continue the tradition of a quality family dining at a reasonable cost, in a comfortable atmosphere with an ample service. The owners believe and are confident and hopeful that the business will continue to be referable and at the same time, the operation will be of greater service for the consumers.

GOALS: To meet the customer's needs To be a very competitive entity in terms of market share To be the leading "Lugar-Restaurant" in Cabanas To maintain a positive, steady growth each month To be able to expand and establish more branches within the region To achieve brand equity/brand value Just like any business organization, Sheila Hilton - Eatery is very particular in its goal of making its own name, making its customers satisfied, continue having profitable operations, stable growth and brand preference as well as future expansion.

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