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Servicescape in the frazier museum and the louisville free public library

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Servicescape is defined as, “the environment in which the service is delivered and where the firm and the customer interact.” (Baker and Cameron 1996) It encompasses several factors related to the delivery of service which includes all the physical, behavioral, and emotional aspects that surround services delivery. However, with each type of service, various factors must be considered in order to gauge the quality of the servicescape in the delivery of the said service.

For instance, the delivery of services of the Frazier Museum and the Louisville Public Library are distinct in several ways. Although both companies deliver educational and informational services to the market, they have different ways of delivering the said services to their clients.

The Frazier Museum allows its visitors to take a peek into American History. It allows its visitors to understand and value better the various events that have shaped the country to what it is today. The museum delivers such service through different ways. For one, there are exhibition halls where important and valuable artifacts are on display. Also, the museum provides its patrons with various interpretation exhibitions of different historical events. Advance audio-visual equipment are also a vital component in the delivery of the museum’s services for it makes the experience more interactive.

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Servicescape in the frazier museum and the louisville free public library

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On the other hand, the Louisville Free Public Library employs traditional methods to deliver the information needs of its clients. The library is well-equipped with the necessary tools in order to provide its clients with the information that they seek. Various collections of books are the primary sources of information that the library delivers but these are supplemented with various audio-visual equipment. Furthermore, the library classifies its sections depending on the user.

This means that there is a children’s section which contains materials devoted solely to children. Also, the library provides various tools to ensure that their handicapped and disabled patrons still get to enjoy the library’s services. Although the library provides a complete range of services, it lacks in ways by which they can attract more users and visitors.

This is where the Frazier Museum has the advantage. The museum constantly seeks ways of improving its servicescape so as to attract more visitors. Also, it constantly changes in order to make the experience of visiting the museum more enjoyable and fruitful each and every time.

The Frazier Museum has the advantage over the Louisville Public Library when one considers the servicescape of each. The museum has the ability to give its visitors the experience that they want when the visit. Moreover, the museum is able to incite the patriot within each visitor and make him realize again the profound history of the very nation to which he belongs to.

As earlier mentioned, the emotional factor is a vital component in servicescape.  Furthermore, since the museum’s main target market is composed of tourists and students, especially kids, it is able to ensure that the experience is enjoyable through various interactive tools. In other words, the environment in delivering the services of the museum is inline with its target market by addressing the needs of the said market. Finally, the dynamic environment of the museum ensures that it is able to readjust itself depending on the changing needs of its target market.


Baker, J. and Cameron, M. (1996), “The Effects of the Service Environment on Affect and Consumer Perception of Waiting Time: An Integrative Review and Research Propositions,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Vol. 24, Number 4,

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