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Say No to the Death Penalty

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Counting the seconds and minutes to your death. Inhaling your last breath. The next thing you know, the prison doctor has just injected a lethal drug into you. How do you not feel pain, empathy or sadness? But, you know that the doctor brushes it off as if it nothing happened. All because of something we call ‘The Death Penalty.'' The death penalty affects people who are wrongly convicted, the positive affect because there isn’t a death penalty in our society and human morality.

How do you feel about innocent people dying? Innocent people are wrongly convicted on a daily bases, so why put these people in jail. Those who opposed this argument say ''the people who commit a crime, deserve to die. ‘Six Canadian prisoners were convicted of a dangerous crime and later released due to their innocent. The six Canadians were condemned for the first degree murder and if there were death penalty then these six innocent people would have died.

Another reason is that the prisoners should have the time to prove their innocence. I say this because after the trial. If new evidence is found then it’s very difficult to start another trial. It’s a life of a person in your hands and nothing should be neglected. Such as David Milgaard who was sentenced to life in prison. He was the suspected killer for the murder of Gail Miller. He spent 22 years in prison and was freed by DNA evidence. Once you go to prison, it makes a profound impact on your life.

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Say No to the Death Penalty

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Have you read the human rights from the United Nations? In the third law it states ''Any person right to life, liberty and security of person.'' If Canada, reinstates the death penalty that's violating the human rights. It would be a very embarrassing moment for Canada for all we stand for and worked for. We are a country that is highly respected and is known for fighting for our rights. We have all the right to life.

Do you think the death penalty affects things in our society? First reason is that there are fewer murders because there is not the death penalty. Since, there is no death penalty in Canada; the murder rate has decreased since 1970's. In 2009, the murder rate in Canada was 1.81 homicides per 100.000 populations. If we compare the static between Brazil is a big difference. Canada was 1.81 homicides and Brazil at 25.2homicide rates. Also, Brazil has no death penalty since 1988.

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