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RSO Marketing Proposal

Executive Director Marketing Professor Executive Summary The Rockford Symphony Orchestra is one of the leading cultural institutions n northern Illinois, performing over sixteen classical and pop concerts annually.The RSI was founded in 1934 and incorporated in 1943.The ROOK’S first MusiC Director and Manager, A Arthur Sack, led the orchestra for twenty’s years.

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During this time, the Rockford Area Youth h Symphony Orchestra and the Rockford Symphony Orchestra Guild were established.

The RSI continues its commitment to fulfilling its mission to lead in the creation of vibrant musical e experiences that the enlighten, educate, and entertain. (History, n. D. ) The RSI is celebrating its 80 anniversary and wants to reinforce the longevity of the organization by introducing their rich R oxford history into various music and performances for the 20142015 season and beyond. The RSI is also looking to create a closer tie to the Rockford community. The organizations’ 80th anniversary needs to be leveraged in order to increase ova rural ticket sales.

The long and harsh winter of 20132014 was a major challenge the RSI faced making it difficult to reach their revenue goals. Ticket sales were 50% lower than their budgeted goal as a result. A brief evaluation of the Rook’s strengths and weaknesses has served as a off notation the towards the strategic analysis and a marketing plan for this 80 anniversary celebration and the future of the organization. The plan is to focus on bringing more awareness t o the community, the creating various ways to promote the 80 anniversary this season and increase overall ticket sales.

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