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Regardless of aviation traumas that reach far into our industry, air travel remains a large and growing industry. In this intensely competitive yet volatile market, Aviation Technology Consultants draws from its aviation expertise to implement a marketing program to expand passenger base, increase revenue passenger mile, and vastly improve load factor The successful airlines know that marketing is one of the key instruments in order to reach its business goals.

Businesses that continue growing in these moments know that reducing investment in marketing is not an option when crossing an economic recession. Instead, these organizations have confirmed or increased their marketing budgets.. Aviation Technology Consultants provides a full range of strategic and creative marketing consulting services geared towards the aviation industry. We share our clients' love of aviation and understanding of the aviation industry. We have extensive experience in all aspects of marketing, advertising, communications, sales and promotion, and we can handle any marketing project your aviation business requires.

Aviation Technology Consultants manages all aspects of your marketing initiatives from concept to full implementation. Our hands-on approach to marketing means that you can focus on client relations and operations while we enhance and expand your business with a professional and cost-effective marketing program. How we do it TACT can intervene in the planning process, helping to define the commercial, marketing and communication strategies, and your specific objectives.

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TACT can count on a professional team with experience in the development of marketing projects for the airline transport industry. Our work developed into a new consultative and elaborative form, engaging in the process and the development of the identified actions. When we do it TACT helps identify new business opportunities for its clients. In markets with a highly competitive setting, the airline companies need to develop new growth strategies that guarantee the future of the organization.

With this aim, TACT has developed combined set of services that allow a 360 degrees approach to any kind of challenge. Page 1 of 5 Aviation Businesses Served We have a sound understanding of the aviation industry nuances and quirks. Don't lose time with marketing companies that have little or no aviation experience. Aviation Marketing Consulting speaks your language and thoroughly understands the business of flying, while bringing a fresh perspective to your aviation-specific marketing challenges and requirements.

Air Indus Marketing Proposal By Axon marketing, advertising, sales and promotion. We can handle any marketing project you have from start to finish, regardless of how large or small the request. With its hands-on approach, TACT manages every phase of your marketing initiatives from initial concept to full implementation. With Aviation Technology Consultants on your team, you can focus on what you do best - running your business - while we manage he details of implementing an effective marketing program that will get your business soaring!

FOBS Regional Airlines Air Charter Services Non-profit Associations and Organizations Flight Schools Manufacturers Maintenance and Repair Facilities Avionics and Electronics Airports Travel & Tourism Destinations Creative Marketing Services for Airline Industry: Strategic planning: Establish short-term and long-term business goals and objectives; identify key core customers; and define the key attribute or U. S. P. (Unique Selling Proposition) to make your business most appealing to potential customers within the aerospace and aviation industries.

Market Segmentation Analysis Market Research Both Primary & Secondary Trend Analysis Page 2 of 5 Marketing Mix & Model Determination of Pricing Strategies Pricing & Revenue Management Airline Business & Marketing Strategies Marketing Environment Study through PESTS Analysis SOOT Analysts Porter's 5 forces and their application to the Airline Industry; Porter Generic Strategies Strategic Families, Cost Leadership Differentiation and Focus Focus Strategies (Value Added & Low Cost) Product Analysis in Airline Marketing Product Life Cycles in the Aviation Industry Managing a Product Port Folio; The Boston Box

Balancing Risk & Opportunity- the Anions Matrix Fleet, Schedules & Customer related product features Air freight Product Distribution Channels Strategies/Selection & Control Travel Agency Distribution System GAS (Global Distribution System) Super Profit Concept Advertising: to promote your aerospace or aviation business. We are experts at creating advertising for print, radio, TV and the Internet. Public Relations: This cost-effective marketing tool builds awareness and generates interest for your business through press releases, publicity, press kits and events.

TACT utilizes public elation's to deliver long-lasting results to its clients in the aviation world. Advertisement on 7 popular magazines of Pakistan Bill Board on famous locations of Pakistan Flex designing for bill board Printing of stationary item for Air Indus Page 3 of 5 Printing of Uniform for Air Indus Flight Management System Travel Agents Information System for Air Indus TV Faceable Page Management & Optimization: TACT offers a wide range of services including community management and page optimization.

We dedicate a team of social media strategists, creative designers and copy writers to manage your online community on Faceable. Strategists and scheduled posts are made on your fan page with a weekly plan in place. Similarly, a set of creative designs will be made inclusive of Wall Photos, Cover Images and Wall Posts with images to cite a few. Faceable Advertising: Faceable advertising is a pay-per-click solution, and is needed to promote your brands across Faceable. DE' DESIGNATION will create adverts, optimize them for your target market and do split testing. Reach thousands of targeted fans 0 Grow your user base diligent ad display 0 Engage more fans 0 Improves viral effect Your brand also needs Faceable adverts, with specially selected keywords and Argentina - streamlined to suit your target demographic. TACT will create and run these adverts for you, analyze the insights and change the advert so that it Online Marketing: Aviation Marketing Consulting develops and implements effective Internet strategies, vital for businesses to attain a national and global presence.

Services include web development, email promotions, search engine optimization (SEE), and e-commerce. Marketing Communications Techniques: We have produced many diverse forms of advertising (e. G. , websites, brochures, newsletters) Branding: Developing a brand identity is no longer optional in aviation's competitive archetypal. We will create a memorable brand image that communicates your business's key values in a manner that will resonate with your core customers.

Page 4 of 5 Direct Marketing: With direct mail and email marketing, Aviation Marketing Consulting puts the power of a targeted database at your disposal to generate measurable sales. Integrated Marketing: An integrated marketing program considers all forms of marketing communications and combines them into an effective program to best achieve your marketing objectives in the most cost-effective manner. TACT doesn't waste a marketing dollar. Sales Development: The effectiveness of your marketing will ultimately come down to the effectiveness of your sales program.

We develop sales systems and processes that work effectively with your company's products, services, pricing, distribution channels and sales personnel. Trade Shows & Presentations: TACT provides everything necessary for an effective experience at aerospace and aviation events. We'll design your exhibit, create graphics for your booth, plan giveaways for your customers, and keep them interested in your services with multimedia presentations and on-floor talent.

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