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The roads of major cities are congested to a great extent

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Many people say that bikes are the future "environment friendly" transport. The roads of major cities are overcrowded and no one seems to do anything about it. Cars, Lorries, vans and busses are vehicles that take up a lot of space and create mayhem. Most people who take vehicles as an option to work or school are late. There is traffic everywhere nowadays. Bikes, motorbikes and possibly trains are the future transports. Children and teenagers up to the age of eighteen cannot ride a motorbike. Trains don't take you specifically where you want. And the only option left are bikes.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of bikes. The most important advantage of bike is that it is safe for the environment. It also means that the air around will be cleaner. If most countries start to use bikes, gradually there will be a lot less pollution. One of the countries that have already started to use bikes as a transport is China. Most of the population in china use bikes. Cycling also means that a person can become fit and everyone could become healthier. It would also mean that the roads will be free and everyone could reach to their destination on time.

If bikes are considered as an answer to a major sport, than what if people have to go on a long distance journey-possibly to another city far away. This would take a long time to reach the destination and the person would have to take rests in between. It would also be tiring for a person who has to go on long distance cycling. Another factor to be considered is it would be dangerous for children under ten to ride bikes on roads and what if the mother had to take a baby to a place (babies can't ride bikes!) Some adults that are unhealthy don't like to ride bikes, and some have cardiovascular or other diseases or problems that prevent them from riding bikes. Most aged people would not be able to ride bikes and it wouldn't be safe for them to ride bikes.

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There are lots of statements that agree and disagree to bikes being the transport for roads in major cities. In my opinion, there should be a lot less vehicles in the future. This would mean vehicles for only long journeys. People whose destinations are closer could take a bike or walk.

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