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According to Manfred Ours Koch (2011 who compiled a lot of studies involving meal combinations, having a great meal combination won't just give the customer the satisfaction they deserve but it will also give the right benefits that the body needs even if the said meals are comprised by simple ingredients. Poor meal combinations might cause the enlargement of the intestine and can be the cause of excess eating that leads to obesity.

According to Fatima (201 1), Operational decisions and actions related to menu such as standardizing and offering a consistent quality, minimizing arrive failures, accurately predicting demand to menu items, and assuring food safety are essential components of providing a prosperous meal experience. For instance, customers may be dissatisfied when their orders are delayed or cannot be served due to shortage of ingredients because of poor sales forecasting.

Moreover, customers who are attentive to food safety issues may assess all visible cues such as cleanliness of utensils, serving temperature and personal hygiene of service staff in order to be certain the safety level of food and these assessments may influence their satisfaction tit meal experience. Penmen - Malice said in his blob in POS Sector for Restaurants and Bars that dishes from the menu combos are the best selling items of a restaurant and the most often choice of the guests no matter of its price. It is mandatory to include them in a restaurant offer.

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Not only that it will affect to increase the traffic in a restaurant, but will refresh offers, facilitate the sale of targeted menu items, and be the silent partner in suggestive selling. Pairing food from menu with drinks and tasty side dish is proven and effective method to improve sales and profits. Using menu engineering and combo meals has not been typical only for fast-food restaurants anymore, it increasingly taking place in all other full service restaurants where Offer has been only "a la carte" few years ago. Erica's 1 and 2 offers a lot of combo meals in their menu. It consists of Pork, Beef, Chicken or Fish dish, side dish, rice, and a regular size drink. The items in their combo meals complement each other. According to Carline (2009) there is mounting empirical evidence to suggest that the law of one price is violated in retail financial markets, there is significant price dispersion even when rodents are homogeneous. Also, despite the large number of firms in the market, prices remain above marginal cost and may even rise as more firms enter.

In a non-cooperative oligopoly pricing model, I show that these anomalies arise when firms add complexity to their price structures. Complexity increases the market power of the firms because it prevents some consumers from becoming knowledgeable about prices in the market. In the model, as competition increases, firms tend to add more complexity to their prices as a best response, rather than make their disclosures more transparent. Because this may substantially decrease consumer surplus in these markets, such practices have important welfare implications.

Local Literature Foreign Studies French (2003) said that the individual dietary choices are influenced by the taste, cost, convenience and nutritional value of foods. Food pricing and marketing practices are important components of the eating environment. Recent studies have applied economic theories to changing dietary behavior. Price reduction strategies promote the choice of targeted foods by lowering their cost relative to alternative food choices. The studies that were conducted demonstrated that the price reductions are an effective strategy to increase purchase of more healthful foods in work place and schools.

Reducing prices on healthy foods is a strategy in public health that should be implemented through policy initiatives and collaborating in the industry. Local Studies Esther (1998) Jollied Foods Corporation leads the Philippine Food Service industry by continuing to strengthen its competitiveness. It continues to be the most visited among both hamburger and total fast food chains throughout the country. The Jollied brand today is one of the most well recognized and best loved consumer brands in the country.

She said that Jollied should continue to offer superior taste through their best selling products for them to stay as the leading fast food restaurant in delivering the highest quality standards of products and customer service. Their proposed plan aims to strengthen its market leadership by focusing on the 1 5 to 40 years old male and female market from classes C and D. The proposed marketing plan will present a more filling meal combo at an affordable price f POP to target medium heavy eaters.

It also aims to provide Jollied consumers with more variety in value meal combinations. To evaluate the proposed plan, monthly sales monitoring and transaction reports will be done. Product Quality Surveys will also be conducted to monitor consumers' acceptance of the product. Periscope's has the most number of branch of fast food in Mandible area. All the branches offer the same menu. They must offer valuable meals for them to attract more customers. They should also know about the budget of the students so that their products will be fast moving.

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